Four Hopkinton teens escort 2024 Boston Marathon elite runners to starting line

Four Hopkinton teens escort 2024 Boston Marathon elite runners to starting line


Four teens from Hopkinton were given a special task at this year’s Boston Marathon — escorting the best of the best to the starting line.

Matthew Fitzgibbons, 13, Lucas Arnold, 14, Ben Scott, 18, and Cameron Arnold, 16, were chosen by the Boston Athletic Association (BAA) to escort “elite” runners to Monday’s starting line of the 128th Boston Marathon.

Elite runners are runners who have ran a marathon faster than 2 minutes and 35 seconds for women athletes and under 2 minutes and 13 seconds for men, according to the B.A.A website.

Scott told MassLive he was honored to help escort the runners to the starting line and said he would like to run in the marathon when he’s older. Scott and his three friends are all members of the Hopkinton Middle School and Hopkinton High School’s cross country teams.

“I remember my first marathon when I was 9 years old,” Scott said. “I just like being a part of the marathon and I think it’s a great event. I’m from Hopkinton. It means a lot to me.”

The escorting of the elite runners is a first for not just the four friends but for Hopkinton itself. According to the BAA, the decision to escort the elite to the starting line was made to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the marathon starting from Hopkinton, after it moved back from Ashland.

The four said the marathon has been a constant part of their lives and has inspired them to become better athletes and better residents of their town. As the youngest of the group, Fitzgibbons hoped his work as a volunteer would encourage younger people to participate in the Boston Marathon. He said anyone can help, whether supporting a runner or picking up trash on the Hopkinton Common.

“I’m just doing my part,” Fitzgibbons said. “I feel like it’s special that we get to do something big such as escorting the runners. I felt like volunteering for this event would be great and you can do anything.

Jean Caan, a member of the Hopkinton Marathon Committee and cross country coach, was proud of the four teens and said they represented the town’s best qualities.

“Growing up in Hopkinton, the marathon is so important for them,” Caan said. “They were really delighted to do this.”

Caan also praised the four for their commitment to cross country and applauded Fitzgibbons, particularly his first-place finish in the Hopkinton Middle School 1k.

Even though the friends expressed their desire to run the marathon someday, Caan said they still had a long way to go and encouraged them to keep training.

“Don’t run in a marathon just yet,” she laughed. “Just get consistent training in and get excited about running.”

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