Fresh State of Play Rumours Running Rampant, Lots of Games Speculated

Fresh State of Play Rumours Running Rampant, Lots of Games Speculated


State of Play Death Stranding 2

The Internet has now all but convinced itself Sony will be hosting a new State of Play livestream either this week or next, as insiders kick into overdrive with teasers and vague posts to make it seem like they’re in the know. Some certainly are — PS Plus leaker Billbil-kun, for example — while others aren’t, so parsing through the nonsense to find the much more accurate reporting is a difficult task. What appears clear, though, is that Sony is readying a showcase that could be quite a bit bigger than your traditional State of Play.

Suggestions a PlayStation livestream is planned for the first couple of weeks in 2024 have been doing the rounds for a while now, and speculation really kicked into gear last week — with more rumours this morning. PS5 games like Death Stranding 2 with an On the Beach subtitle, a PS5, PC re-release of Until Dawn, and Rise of the Ronin are all speculated to appear in an upcoming State of Play, and now Billbil-kun has added Concord to the list.

The leaker claims we’ll see gameplay and characters from the multiplayer FPS out of Firewalk Studios, which is slated to launch on PS5 this year. Sony traditionally hosts its State of Play presentations on a Thursday, with the show itself announced the Tuesday prior. Therefore, the news may well be shared officially tomorrow.

What else do you hope to see at a State of Play? Share your predictions in the comments below.


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