Fu Bao’s caretakers shed tears as they say their final goodbye to the beloved Panda

Fu Bao’s caretakers shed tears as they say their final goodbye to the beloved Panda


Giant panda Fu Bao, born in South Korea, left Everland on April 3 amidst farewells from fans and caretakers.

Despite the pouring rain, thousands of fans gathered at Everland to witness Fu Bao’s departure. Fans who had been waiting in front of the main entrance since 4 AM braved the rain and cold to hold their ground.

At 10:40 AM, as Fu Bao boarded a special vibration-free vehicle to depart Panda World, fans waved flags they had prepared in advance, bidding farewell.

Despite mourning the loss of his mother the day before, Fu Bao’s caretaker, known as “Grandpa Fu Bao” Kang Cheol Won, who decided to accompany Fu Bao on his journey to China, conveyed his emotions through a letter to Fu Bao, saying, “The day has come. From the moment you were born, you brought hope and happiness to many. You must now embark on a distant journey for the second chapter of your life.” He promised to stay by Fu Bao’s side until she reaches her new home and expressed his belief in Fu Bao’s ability to thrive anywhere. He concluded with, “You’ll always be the eternal baby panda of your adoptive father. I love you, Fu Bao.”

After reading the letter, he told the fans, “I’ll take good care of him and come back. Please don’t forget Fu Bao.”

As Kang read the letter, fans could be seen shedding tears for Fu Bao’s departure and Kang’s story of losing his mother.

Everland arranged a flower path for Fu Bao, incorporating supportive messages from customers recruited via social media into a chrysanthemum-shaped design.

A large LED screen (24m wide, 11m tall) at the Positano Garden, filled with 1.2 million spring flowers, projected special images and videos of Fu Bao.

Fu Bao’s journey from Everland in the morning to Incheon International Airport, where she will board a chartered flight to Sichuan, China, was escorted by police vehicles along the way. Since last month, Everland has been preparing for Fu Bao’s transfer, prioritizing her health and safety through close coordination with Chinese authorities. To prevent accidents due to shaking during transport and other risks from external contact, a special cage measuring 190cm wide, 130cm long, 135cm high, and weighing 270kg was prepared, and sufficient training was conducted to help Fu Bao adapt.

Fu Bao’s caretaker accompanied her throughout the journey from Everland to the Chengdu Panda Base to ensure her stability in unfamiliar environments.

Seven days before the transfer, a panda specialist veterinarian from China was dispatched to Everland to assist with the transfer preparations. Fu Bao’s caretaker and the Chinese veterinarian will monitor her health every 20 to 30 minutes during the chartered flight. The cabin temperature will be maintained at 18°C, a level preferred by pandas, and the pressure will be at the same level as other passenger aircraft. The cabin is stocked with bamboo, bamboo shoots, carrots, water, apples, and nine other items of emergency medication for Fu Bao to consume during the flight.

Through an agreement with CCTV in China made at the end of last year, Everland plans to continue sharing Fu Bao’s life in China with fans.

Fu Bao, born on July 20, 2020, through natural breeding between pandas Lulu and Baobao, was sent to Korea by Chinese President Xi Jinping in March 2016 as a symbol of Sino-Korean friendship. He has received much love while living in Everland, being called “Yongin Miss Fu,” “Fu Princess,” “Fu Ddunddun,” and other nicknames.


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