GTA 6 – Live updates as Bully 2 rumours emerge

GTA 6 – Live updates as Bully 2 rumours emerge


Grand Theft Auto 6 is still at least another nine months away but gamers are aching to know every detail they can – and there hasn’t been a shortage of leaks, rumours and theories.

One report says GTA 6could be delayed to 2026 as a fallback option with Fall 2025 now being targeted by employees at Rockstar.

That’s after reports suggested development falling behind is the reason why the majority of employees have been called back to the office full-time but it’s led to a backlash from some workers.

Since Rockstar posted the trailer for GTA 6 in early December, after it was leaked online, social media has been a hotbed for theories about when exactly the game will be released, when further details such as trailers will be announced, what will be in the game itself and loads more.

It’s no surprise really given that Grand Theft Auto 5 was widely recognised as the best game of the last decade – it came out in 2013 and is still popular with gamers today as Rockstar continues to release GTA Online updates.

Below is a roundup of some of the most recent leaks, rumours and theories, and this will continue to be updated, so keep checking back for the latest.

Rockstar publishes new ‘community guidelines’

In an update on the Rockstar newswire, the developer has published a new set of ‘community guidelines’ for GTA Online.

The developer says: “These guidelines outline what behaviour and actions we do not allow, as more fully detailed in our Terms of Service, and will be updated periodically to reflect any ongoing changes to the player experience.”

Players are urged to report behaviour that falls foul of not being fair, respectful or safe.

Examples of this include cheating, griefing (intentionally annoying another player or interfering with their experience and progress by using the game in unintended ways) and any kind of abuse.

Concept cover art praised online

Reddit user Mean_Rent_2156 shared in the GTA 6 Subreddit a picture of concept art it seems they have hand drawn.

Imagine how previous GTA covers look – each one having a number of different stylised images of main characters or events.

Mean_Rent_2156 has shared how they think the GTA 6 artwork could look with that in mind, including drawings of Jason, Lucia, the Florida Joker and even an alligator in sunglasses – and it’s gone down incredibly well with 1.3k upvotes in 15 hours at the time of writing.

PapaYoppa said: “Gotta respect it for being hand drawn.”

spacecowboy2099 said: “The actual cover art better have an alligator with sunglasses.”

Brahmus168 said: “So help me god if there isn’t a gator on the cover art…”

Four months since trailer

It’s four months to the day since the first trailer for GTA 6 was released.

Rockstar planned to share it on December 5 2023 but released it a day early after it was leaked.

And on a GTA 6 Subreddit post users have been reacting.

deezzzznutzzzs said: “Damn that was quick, we will be in 2025 in no time.”

Subject_Passenger_22 said: “That’s crazy I remember going on Twitter and seeing that almost threw my phone in excitement.”

Its_buddy_btw said: “It’s really true what they say about time speeding up as you get older.”

Trailer detail praised

A Reddit user has praised a small detail from the GTA 6 trailer.

In one of the early shots, a woman in a white dress can be seen putting her hands in the air while riding in a convertible.

User DemiPyramid says the two characters are Jason and Lucia in the GTA 6 Subreddit post.

And the post has sparked a discussion.

ermano_ said: “The nightlife in this game will be amazing.”

idkiiwla said: “I don’t think I’ve ever been mored hyped to play a game in my 25 years of existence.”

zeZakPMT said: “Is it just me or is this the worst looking shot of the trailer.”

InvestigatorDue7765 said: “I haven’t noticed Jason is behind the wheel, cool detail.”

MooseNo1495 said: “Also a cool detail I just noticed is the car in front of them moving aside when they’re like in the middle. Usually in GTA 5 the stupid NPCs drive towards you.”

Rockstar confirms return of fan favourite games

GTA developer Rockstar confirms Bully and LA Noire are back

Yuka Iwamura, Getty Images & Rockstar Games

In an update for GTA+, Rockstar Games’ premium subscription service, the developer announced the return of popular titles Bully and LA Noire.

GTA+ launched around the same time GTA 5 was released on current generation consoles, PS5 and Xbox Series X/S, in 2022.

It’s a service that gives subscribers exclusive content in GTA Online and a selection of Rockstar titles.

And in a recent update, Rockstar announced Bully and LA Noire are being added later in 2024.

Read the full story here.

‘Most immersive evolution’

A Reddit user has started up a discussion focusing on some of the wording Rockstar has used to promote GTA 6.

On a pinned Rockstar Instagram post shared by Oath_Br3aker in the GTA 6 Subreddit, the caption for the trailer posted on the social media site says ‘the biggest, most immersive evolution of the Grand Theft Auto series yet’.

And it’s led to a discussion as to why that’s been included as Oath_Br3aker says Rockstar doesn’t ‘usually market GTA as immersive’.

Darthlord_Juju said: “Basically just saying there will be more things to do and more ways to stay engaged.”

OptimusGrimes said: “It will be the biggest jump in quality for a GTA ever, with every other game coming out the same, or next generation from the previous, this is the first time they’ve skipped two, so saying it will be the biggest evolution isn’t too much of a reach.”

Nice_Reveue_7375 said: “S**t it better be after 12 years.”

‘Map outline’ on bumper sticker

A Reddit user thinks they’ve found an outline of the GTA 6 map on a bumper sticker on the back of Jason’s car from the trailer.

It looks a lot like the map created by the Mapping Project, a community which is piecing together the map from co-ordinates in the trailer and leaks, and the outline of the Florida state which the fictional Leonida is based on.

And others in the GTA 6 Subreddit agree with Olivr_Ont.

1234normalitynomore said: “Good find, this is the first thing to actually make me think we’re getting the panhandle.”

BeCrafttt said: “That looks extremely identical to the map made by the GTA 6 mapping project.”

Buckman21 said: “Holy s**t he might be onto something.”

StingingGamer said: “Good find! If that is the map shape it looks great.”

What GTA Online update could mean for GTA 6

Rockstar has teased a ‘big’ summer update for GTA Online and it hasn’t taken long for the speculation to start.

Some have said it will be the final big update before all efforts are put into GTA 6 and others have theorised what could be in it.

X / Twitter user @GTAVI_Countdown said Michael, one of the main protagonists in GTA 5, is rumoured to be included in the update – he’s not yet featured in GTA Online and gamers on Reddit have been calling for this for a while.

Other theories from the account include a second trailer for GTA 6 being likely to drop around the time of the update to drive traffic.

The account says Rockstar did this with the Chop Shop GTA Online update which was revealed a week after the GTA 6 trailer – it’s the most viewed GTA Online trailer.

Rockstar teases ‘big’ summer update for GTA

Rockstar teases ‘big’ summer update for GTA

Yuki Iwamura, Getty Images

Rockstar has teased a ‘big’ summer update for its Grand Theft Auto series in an unexpected announcement.

With leaks, rumours and speculation swirling about all things GTA 6, like when exactly it will be released, delays in development and gameplay ‘leaks’ appearing online, Rockstar could put all of its eggs in that basket to get it done and released as soon as possible.

Read the full story here.

PC gamers’ frustration at release details

PC gamers have shared frustrations at GTA 6 release details.

The highly-anticipated game is set to be out in 2025 on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S – but there are no details at this stage when it will release on PC.

It’s led to Reddit user Guimorneg posting a picture of Squidward looking at SpongeBob and Patrick playing outside – and they’ve been edited to be carrying the GTA 6 logo and PS5 controllers.

Guimorneg posted in the GTA 6 Subreddit along with the caption ‘please tell me is not only me’ (sic).

And the post has got a lot of reaction and comments.

fejota said: “I don’t have any console so yeah, that would be me too.”

deezzzznutzzzs said: “You have more than a year to save enough money for PS5 + GTA 6.”

Wokekyller said: “Me too, I wait until PC premiere. Good thing GTA Wiki and Youtube will save me during the waiting.”

Mixed views on celebrities in GTA 6

A GTA 6 Subreddit discussion has led to mixed views on which celebrities could feature in the game and if any should feature at all.

A number of high-profile names have already been linked with the game, including musicians T-Pain, Anita Ward and Schoolboy Q – even more could feature with Rockstar owning a record label.

GTA Online has had a range of celebrities featuring post-launch, such as musician Dr Dre releasing an EP exclusively in the game.

GTA 4 also had appearances from comedians such as Ricky Gervais.

But views are mixed on if celebrities featuring are welcome in the Grand Theft Auto series.

FuzzyHotel6180 said: “I’d say so. I’m excited to see who they got for the different radio stations. GTA 5 had a lot.”

MixedRealityAddict said: “I hope not, I like fictitious characters.”

FoundationGreen6342 said: “Ricky Gervais needs to come back.”

Delay rumours ‘met with shrugs’ from Rockstar employees

It’s reported when Rockstar employees were asked what they made of the current rumour mill of delayed development, the response ‘was mostly met with shrugs’.

That’s according to a report from Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier.

It also said: “Last summer, I asked someone at Rockstar how things were going, and they responded with one word: ‘chaos’.”

It comes as a full-time return to the office for the majority of Rockstar employees comes into effect in less than two weeks’ time which has been met with a backlash from some.

The report also says development delays are to be expected with it being a ‘messy, nonlinear process’.

Strip club footage ‘leaked’

A new video has been posted on X / Twitter of what appears to be ‘leaked’ footage of strip club gameplay in GTA 6.

Account @Dead__exe is posting a new video of what appears to be leaked footage every day before the second trailer is dropped.

The latest video appears to show the player controlling Jason through a strip club, with Lucia there too, and both take in a pole dance at the end of the clip.

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