‘If You Want To See The Future, Come To India’: US Ambassador Eric Garcetti

‘If You Want To See The Future, Come To India’: US Ambassador Eric Garcetti


US Ambassador Eric Garcetti was all praise for India’s global prospects on Tuesday, heralding the country as the future. His remarks about the world’s most populous nation came during an event in the national capital.

“…If you want to see the future, come to India. If you want to feel the future, come to India. If you want to work on the future, come to India. I have the great privilege of being able to do that every single day as the leader of the US Mission,” Ambassador Garcetti during an event at IPE Global, titled “Impact & Innovation: 25 Years of Making Development a Ground Reality.”

Stressing the importance of collaboration between the US and India, Garcetti said that the Biden administration appreciates its partnership with Delhi. “We don’t come here to teach and preach. We come here to listen and learn,” he said, highlighting the mutual exchange of ideas and initiatives between the two nations.

US envoy’s comments came as India is predicted to grow at 8 percent in the financial year 2024, a rate exceeding the government’s estimations owing to the increase in the activities of the industry and service sectors of the country. Garcetti’s remarks also come against the backdrop of the growing US-India partnership in several fields, including defence and technology. Ties between the two democracies have also flourished via groupings like Quad and I2U2.

On Tuesday, the US National Security Advisor said the partnership between India and the United States has reached a new height with collaboration on technology and other fields.  “The partnership between the US and India, a country in BRICS (bloc), has gone to new heights with an engagement across technology and security and so many other dimensions,” NSA Jake Sullivan told reporters at a White House news conference.

Sullivan was responding to questions on the decline in American leadership in the world, in light of Iran, Egypt, UAE, and Ethiopia joining BRICS, and Saudi Arabia mulling over becoming part of it. “I think if you look at the US role and standing in its relationships across the key regions of the world, we feel very good about where we are,” Sullivan said.

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first published: April 10, 2024, 10:44 IST


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