Machine Gun Kelly debuts shocking new tattoo — fans accuse rapper of wanting to ‘turn black’

Machine Gun Kelly debuts shocking new tattoo — fans accuse rapper of wanting to ‘turn black’


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Machine Gun Kelly fans are mourning the loss of his Cleveland-inspired chest tattoos — and others are accusing him of wanting to be black — upon the reveal of his massive blackout tattoo.

The Grammy-nominated “Bloody Valentine” rapper showed off his new art piece Tuesday on Instagram, which turned his entire upper chest black — including his nipples — and also covered a majority of his arms.

The 33-year-old’s previously colorful tattoos peak out of the cross design created by the negative space on his chest.

The tattoo was created by Roxx and Cats, who are “both globally recognized black-work-only tattoo artists with over five decades of combined experience,” according to their official website.

Machine Gun Kelly showed off his new ink Tuesday on Instagram
MGK is no stranger to tattoos, but his signature chest and arm pieces are now blacked out. Getty Images for Interscope Records

“Yes, the tattoo is very permanent,” reps for Roxx and Cats confirmed to The Post Tuesday in an email.

“The tattoo was completed over Christmas and NY by ROXX. MGK was the toughest client she’s ever worked with,” the rep added.

MGK, whose real name is Colson Baker, captioned his Instagram reveal, “For spiritual purposes only. thank you 🖋️ @roxx_____.”

“You’re so welcome. You’re a champ and you look amazing!” the tattoo artist replied in the comments.

Roxx also shared a photo of MGK’s new ink on her account, writing, “Made some art with @machinegunkelly. Never met a tougher one.”

Tattoo artist Roxx completed MGK’s new ink over Christmas. Machine Gun Kelly/Instagram

“Thanks for the joy and the pain,” the rapper replied.

The Post has contacted a rep for MGK for comment.

Baffled fans couldn’t believe their eyes as the “Till I Die” rapper’s body used to proudly boast about his beloved hometown of Cleveland, Ohio, including the city’s 216 area code and a nod to Interstate 71 North.

“Covering up the Cleveland tats is crazy bra,” one commenter wrote.

The “Emo Girl” singer teased his new tattoo on his Instagram story. Machine Gun Kelly/Instagram

“MGK is known for his various tattoos and even his Cleveland tattoos. To get that all covered up and go straight black is wild and weird to me,” a second supporter voiced their opinion.

Another said, “I had an emotional attachment to those tats ngl.”

“The sob I just let out of my mouth,” a fourth fan quipped.

“I can’t imagine how much that must’ve hurt,” several people commented with a similar sentiment.

Machine Gun Kelly attends the pre-Grammy gala Feb. 3. FilmMagic

Another person joked, “Man really got a crop top tatted on him.”

Other spectators accused MGK, who has faced longtime criticism for everything from his eccentric style to switching music genres to be successful, of getting the tattoo to change his skin color.

“Kells wanted to be accepted by the rap community so he turned black,” one hater wrote.

His next release is believed to be a rap album. Machine Gun Kelly/Instagram

“Machine Gun Kelly is black now?” another asked.

“Bro wants to say the N word so badly,” a third boldly claimed and someone else added, “Ok I can’t defend this guy anymore.”

MGK’s next release is believed to be a rap album, although he has yet to reveal an official release date.

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