Megan Thee Stallion Twerks on Victoria Monét Amid Nicki Minaj Feud

Megan Thee Stallion Twerks on Victoria Monét Amid Nicki Minaj Feud


Megan Thee Stallion

Twerkin’ On Victoria Monét …

What Nicki Minaj Beef???

Megan Thee Stallion seems unbothered by the beef blowing up with Nicki Minaj … ’cause she went out partying Saturday — and put some risqué dance moves on display.

Here’s the deal … videos are circulating online showing Meg — big blonde wig and tiny white top on — partying in L.A. And, she got all eyes and phones trained on her when she started grinding on fellow singer Victoria Monét.

Check out the vid — MTS’ slowly grooves back to VM … who you can see’s getting ready for the ride of her life. Victoria’s in her pimp era BTW with the pinstripe suit and fur coat hanging from her shoulders. Straight gangster!

Monét gets about 30 good seconds of twerking, big smiles on both their faces while Megan shook her moneymaker.

BTW … the dance has Megan and Victoria fans speculating — and they’re hoping a collab’s in the work. No word on that yet … but it looked like an awesome time for the stars regardless.

Definitely a light moment for Megan … one she could use given she’s in the middle of an intense feud with Nicki Minaj.

ICYMI … Meg kicked off the beef when she seemed to diss Nicki’s husband Kenneth Petty in her new song “Hiss.” Minaj responded by sharing a few bars of her track “Bigfoot” — coming out today — on Instagram Live which seemed to roast Thee Stallion over the Tory Lanez shooting.

After that diss, Megan’s stayed mostly silent — though Nicki hasn’t stopped going after her new adversary, cracking a wild joke about MTS’ mother who passed away in 2019 and even posting a distressed-looking Meg alongside the announcement for “Bigfoot” on Twitter … though she’s maintaining it’s not a diss track.

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Bottom line … Megan Thee Stallion’s out here sweating ’cause of her killer dance moves — and not because of her feud with Nicki.


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