US astrology influencer allegedly kills partner, baby amid solar eclipse concerns

US astrology influencer allegedly kills partner, baby amid solar eclipse concerns


NEW DELHI: In a harrowing turn of events, Danielle Cherakiyah Johnson, identified as an astrologer and influencer known as “Ayoka,” allegedly perpetrated a series of violent acts that resulted in the death of her infant daughter. Authorities disclosed that Johnson, 34, fatally stabbed her partner, Jaelen Allen Chaney, before throwing her two children from a moving SUV onto a Los Angeles freeway.

Police revealed that Johnson’s online posts, including references to an impending solar eclipse as “the epitome of spiritual warfare,” garnered attention in the investigation. However, they stated that the eclipse wasn’t considered a direct cause of the slayings. Lt. Guy Golan emphasized the challenge of understanding Johnson’s motivations without direct communication.

The tragic sequence began with an argument between Johnson and Chaney in their Woodland Hills apartment. Johnson then fled with her children, throwing them from the vehicle on Interstate 405. The baby tragically died, while the older daughter, who witnessed the stabbing, sustained injuries.

Johnson’s social media presence revealed a mix of astrology, conspiracy theories, and spiritual messages, alongside disturbing content and warnings about the end of the world. Despite her online following, neighbors described her as reserved.

Detectives, piecing together the events, found candles and cards in the apartment, possibly indicating occult practices. While the solar eclipse coincided with the tragedy, Golan highlighted that numerous individuals expressed similar concerns online without resorting to violence.

As the investigation continues, authorities grapple with the complex motivations behind the devastating incident, emphasizing the need for comprehensive understanding and compassion in the face of tragedy.


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