What are the worst cities for allergies in the US? Check our map

What are the worst cities for allergies in the US? Check our map


Spring time represents a fresh start with warmer weather, blossoming flowers and longer days. But for those dealing with seasonal allergies, spring is marked by itchy eyes and throats, runny noses and lots of sneezing.

This spring is particularly difficult for the 80 million people who suffer from seasonal allergies.

Allergy season came early and is expected to stay around longer. North American pollen seasons are 20 days longer than they were in 1990, the nonprofit news organization Climate Central reported.

In recent years, changes in our climate have increased frost-free days and led to warmer seasonal temperatures and changes in rain patterns. These factors lead plants to blossom sooner and longer.

Where are pollen counts at their highest

The South, Southeast and parts of the Midwest have the highest pollen counts in the nation as of early April, according to data from Pollen.com.

Denver, Colorado Springs, Colorado and Dallas, Texas had the highest counts of pollen, in the first week of April.

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These U.S. cities are the worst for people with seasonal allergies

The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America discovered which major cities in the U.S. are the worst for people with seasonal allergies. The researchers looked at daily pollen counts, availability of allergy specialists and over-the-counter medication use for population’s in 100 of the nation’s largest cities.


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