WWE hasn’t said much internally about the Vince McMahon sex scandal

WWE hasn’t said much internally about the Vince McMahon sex scandal


In the immediate wake of Janel Grant’s lawsuit and the shocking descriptions of sexual abuse Grant alleges she suffered while in a relationship with Vince McMahon that it describes, reports were that WWE hadn’t sent out any official internal communication about the matter.

That was somewhat understandable given the news broke while the company was in the midst of getting ready for its Royal Rumble event, but a week later — and after Triple H’s handling of questions about it drew criticism from the wrestling world and beyond — it seems that’s still the case.

A “main roster star” told Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Newsletter that “nobody has talked to them about the situation from management, other than to tell them that Vince won’t be back. Instead they were told how successful the Royal Rumble was and how big the new Netflix deal is.”

That matches up with Sean Ross Sapp’s report for Fightful Select, which mentions that no meeting has been held for talent. No one Fightful’s spoken to on the WWE roster has been briefed on the situation: “Instead, the reactions that we’re hearing is that it appears higher ups want to move on past Vince McMahon and put him in the rearview.”

While there’s not much company officials can say about an ongoing legal matter, both the Observer and Newsletter stories cover how much the McMahon case is being discussed among the rank and file, and rumors are swirling about a potential housecleaning by WWE’s new owners at TKO/Endeavor as a result of the scandal. Some communication about how the company plans to handle the matter or indication of changes they plan to make to ensure nothing like what Grant & others allege McMahon did can happen again would probably be welcome.

A “wait for it to blow over” approach did work for WWE during a 2022 investigation into the hush money McMahon paid to Grant and other women who accused him of sexual misconduct, so in that sense you can see why they’d try it again. But as the specifics in Grant’s case seem to be holding the public’s interest much more than improperly recorded payments did, it may not be a successful strategy this time — especially with John Laurinaitis, a co-defendant in the Grant suit, also claiming to be McMahon’s victim and an ongoing federal investigation into the case.


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