‘You Took Care of My Wife…See You Soon’: Day Before Bail Hearing, Manish Sisodia’s Letter on ‘Gandhi, Mandela & Brits’

‘You Took Care of My Wife…See You Soon’: Day Before Bail Hearing, Manish Sisodia’s Letter on ‘Gandhi, Mandela & Brits’


Former Delhi deputy chief minister and senior Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) leader Manish Sisodia has written another letter from Tihar jail to the people of his assembly constituency (Patparganj). Sisodia, arrested in the Delhi excise policy case, compared his imprisonment with atrocities committed by Britishers on freedom fighters and asserted he would soon walk out of jail.

Equating his ‘fight for education’ with the freedom struggle, Sisodia emphasised that to be a developed country, good education and schools are necessary.

“See you soon outside. Long live the education revolution, love you all. In the last year, I missed everyone. Everyone worked together very honestly. Just as everyone fought during the time of independence, similarly we are fighting for education and schools today. Despite the dictatorship of the Britishers, the dream of independence came true. Similarly, one day every child will get a proper and good education,” he wrote.

Calling Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela his inspirations, the AAP leader said even Britishers put these revolutionaries in jail for many years on ‘false charges.

“The British were also very proud of their power. The British also used to put people in jail on false charges. The British kept Gandhi in jail for many years. The British also jailed Nelson Mandela. These people are my inspiration and you all are my strength. A good education and schools are necessary to be a developed country. Now I feel relieved after reading the news of the Punjab Education Revolution. My love for you all increased further after being in jail,” he wrote.

The jailed leader said that in the last year, he missed everyone and thanked the people of his constituency for taking care of his ailing wife.

“Seema gets emotional talking about all of you. You all take care of yourselves,” he added.

Sisodia, whose role is being probed by both ED and CBI, is currently in judicial custody. his bail hearing is on April 6. Earlier, the CBI counsel had told the court that the investigation was at a critical stage and releasing Sisodia on bail might impede the ongoing probe or lead to his evasion of justice.

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first published: April 05, 2024, 08:19 IST


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