All These BJP, Congress Candidates Are From BRS

All These BJP, Congress Candidates Are From BRS


Four months after delivering the assembly elections verdict in favor of the Congress party, the Telangana public is preparing for another electoral mandate in a month’s time as the Telangana Lok Sabha polls are to be held on May 13th. After having lost the assembly elections to Congress, BRS is determined to put up its best possible fight in the parliament elections.

Coming to 4 particular parliamentary constituencies in Telangana, surprisingly, all 12 candidates of the 3 leading parties Congress, BRS, and BJP have BRS roots.

In the Warangal MP segment, Congress candidate Kadiyam Kavya and BJP candidate Aruri Ramesh were with BRS even a couple of months ago. These two former BRS leaders are taking on BRS’s current candidate Marepalli Sudhir.

Coming to Malkajgiri, Congress’s Patnam Suneetha Mahender Reddy and BJP’s Eatala Rajender have strong BRS roots and were with the party for a long time. They are taking on BRS’s current candidate Ragidi Lakshma Reddy.

In Chevella, Congress announced Ranjith Reddy and BJP announced Konda Vishweshwar Reddy. Vishweshwar Reddy left BRS a few years ago while Ranjith Reddy left the party just a month ago.

In Medak, Congress’s Neelam Madhu and BJP’s Raghunandan Rao were both with BRS in the early parts of their careers. They are taking on current BRS candidate Venkat Rami Reddy.

Ironically all 12 of these candidates have BRS roots and have been/are with the party. This is a rare occurrence to see every leading candidate in the election having the roots of one single party.

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