Border convoy heads to Dripping Springs

Border convoy heads to Dripping Springs


Take Our Border Back convoy

AUSTIN (Nexstar) – Roughly traveling through nine states over two and a half days, the “Take Our Border Back” convoy made their way towards Central Texas on Wednesday.

The group wants to peacefully protest and call on the U.S. government to secure the border with Mexico.

The group made plans to stop in Dripping Spring. Fred Summers, who lives in Leander, posted up on Highway 290 to wave them on and show his support.  

”Saw it on Facebook,” Summers said. ”It is a way to say thank you to those guys. This is like fourth of July for me.”

While he’s just here to wave them on, some people planned on joining the convoy.

”I ran across this on social media,” said Michael from Athens, Texas.

He’s said he’s concerned about illegal entry into the United States.  

”How cool would that be if everybody coming in went through a checkpoint,” Michael said.

Michael said this convoy is a peaceful way to raise awareness about what’s going on at the border.

”We want a secure border,” he said. “You see the writing [on car] immigration great, but crossing the border I think we are going into an invasion.”

Charles Crites drove from Florida to Dripping Springs to meet up with the convoy.  

”He asked me and within about 30 minutes said we are going to go,” Crites said. “The governor we want to support him and he’s trying to get it under control.”


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