Chief Justice To Judges Ahead Of Lok Sabha Polls

Chief Justice To Judges Ahead Of Lok Sabha Polls


New Delhi:

While every Indian is likely to harbor a political ideology or inclination, Chief Justice of India DY Chandrachud emphasized today that the loyalty of lawyers and judges should be directed towards the Constitution. Making the remarks just days before the Lok Sabha elections begin, the Chief Justice stressed the need for judges to be non-partisan.

“In a vibrant and argumentative democracy like ours, most individuals have a political ideology or inclination. Aristotle said human beings are political animals, and lawyers are no exception. However, for members of the bar one’s highest loyalty should not lie with partisan interests but with the court and the constitution,” DY Chandrachud said at the centenary year celebration of the High Court Bar Association of Nagpur.

He reiterated that the judiciary has consistently risen to the occasion to “assert its independence and non-partisanship, ensuring the separation of powers from the executive, the legislature, and vested political interests.”

“We must not forget, however, that there is a close link between the independence of the judiciary and the independence of the bar,” the CJI emphasized.

He underscored that an independent bar serves as a “moral bulwark to safeguard the rule of law and constitutional governance.”

The CJI said the judgments of the Supreme Court’s constitutional benches represent the culmination of rigorous proceedings, thorough legal analysis, and a commitment to constitutional principles.

“Once a judgment is pronounced, it becomes public property. As an institution, we have broad shoulders. We are prepared to receive both praise and criticism… commendations and critiques, whether through journalistic pieces, political commentary, or on social media,” he asserted.

However, as members and office-bearers of bar associations, lawyers must maintain a distinction from laypersons when reacting to court judgments, he added.

“Of late, I have been very disturbed by the tendency of members of bar associations to comment on cases that are pending and on judgments. You are first and foremost officers of the court, and the truth and dignity of our legal discourse is in your hands,” DY Chandrachud concluded.


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