EA No Longer Working On Dead Space 2 Remake – Report [Update]

EA No Longer Working On Dead Space 2 Remake – Report [Update]


Electronic Arts is reportedly no longer working on a remake of Dead Space 2, due to the sales of the first remake not meeting expectations. [Update: EA has addressed the report to state that no such project was ever in the works. “We don’t normally comment on rumors but there is no validity to this story,” EA said in a statement to IGN. Bloomberg added that EA decided to put the franchise on hold “as early as last spring” due to the Dead Space remake not hitting the publisher’s sales expectations.]

According to Giant Bomb’s Jeff Grubb, EA reportedly has its hands busy with both the upcoming Iron Man game and the next Battlefield entry, that it deprioritized the Dead Space 2 remake. “They were working on Dead Space 2, and they are no longer working on it,” he explained on Game Mess Mornings (at the 13:16 mark). “It is on the shelf because the first game had lackluster sales.” He also reported that the game was still in the pre-production phase, but now has been shelved.

However, Grubb said that it doesn’t mean that the Dead Space 2 remake will never happen, but for right now, EA is apparently focusing on other projects.

EA has already confirmed that lead developers of the Dead Space remake are building a team for what’s to come next for Battlefield, and that the Iron Man game has made excellent progress in 2024. However, it doesn’t seem likely that we’ll see either game any time soon. The next Battlefield game reportedly isn’t going to be released until late 2025.

In GameSpot’s Dead Space remake review, we said, “The Dead Space remake may not feel entirely necessary, but it improves upon the original with some smart new additions to almost every aspect of its design.”


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