GTA 6: Live updates as Vice City map scale revealed

GTA 6: Live updates as Vice City map scale revealed


Grand Theft Auto 6 is still at least another nine months away but gamers are aching to know every detail they can – and there hasn’t been a shortage of leaks, rumours and theories.

One report says GTA 6could be delayed to 2026 as a fallback option with Fall 2025 now being targeted by employees at Rockstar.

That’s after reports suggested development falling behind is the reason why the majority of employees have been called back to the office full-time but it’s led to a backlash from some workers.

Since Rockstar posted the trailer for GTA 6 in early December, after it was leaked online, social media has been a hotbed for theories about when exactly the game will be released, when further details such as trailers will be announced, what will be in the game itself and loads more.

It’s no surprise really given that Grand Theft Auto 5 was widely recognised as the best game of the last decade – it came out in 2013 and is still popular with gamers today as Rockstar continues to release GTA Online updates.

Below is a roundup of some of the most recent leaks, rumours and discussions, and this will continue to be updated, so keep checking back for the latest.

Optimistic Countdown

Just 68% left of 2024 until we’re in the launch year for GTA 6.

Hold on folks!

GTA 6 trailer brilliantly reimagined using GTA 5’s main characters

The GTA 6 trailer has been brilliantly reimagined by YouTuber JANTSUU featuring the main characters from GTA 5.

The latest reimagining of it sees what it would look like if it featured the main characters from GTA 5; Michael, Franklin and Trevor.

Read the full story here.

Trailer details spotted

A number of Reddit users have posted in the GTA 6 Subreddit details they say they’ve spotted in the trailer.

Far_Start6823 has asked if one of the NPCs in a scene of a car meet is wearing fake Nike trainers, speculating if the brand could be parodied in the game.

Kay_Sato posted screenshots of the scene where Jason and Lucia walk through a store wearing balaclavas, noticing 10 different types of crisps have been parodied.

And the same user spotted what appears to be Cousin Floyd’s sofa from GTA 5 in the background of the scene of two black men greeting each other.

Frame Friday discussion

The shot being discussed from the GTA 6 trailer

Rockstar Games

Every Friday, a shot from the trailer is posted in the GTA 6 Subreddit and is analysed by other users.

Denso95 has posted the 19th one, showing a muscle car being drifted around a corner on a dirt road, with Jason understood to be at the wheel and Lucia shouting ‘woohoo!’

mlholladay96 said: “I hope the driving feels as good as this scene makes it look. The weight, the suspension, the inertia, the classic oversteer of American muscle, it all looks dialed in. I’m praying it’s not just field dressing for the trailer and is actual driving mechanics on display.”

ZealousTaxful said: “The weight of the car shifts to the right side of its suspension – Lucia also leans outward, as does her hair. Real nice consistency here!”

OdeetheGOAT said: “This is definitely gameplay surely. We can hear Lucia scream meaning she might react if you drive in an exciting way, kinda like Catalina. The driving seems to resemble 5 more than it does 4 but it does seem more realistic.”

Pajca said: “The open door on the pawn shop makes me hopeful. I would really like more interiors in the game. The driving looks better overall, you can see the suspension in action. They are in what appears to be a run down place, somewhere out of town. It gets me hyped to be able to explore the map. This may or may not be them getting away from the store robbery scene seen in the trailer. That’s all I got to say without being too repetitive.”

Gamingwiththereaper said: “The warmth of this scene in its colours reminds me a lot of RDR2 (Red Dead Redemption 2). And hopefully the driving will be more realistic. I like GTA 5’s driving mechanics, but GTA 4 it’s where it’s at. They could make a mix between the two though, i feel like the more arcade-y style feels better for travelling great distances.”

PC meme resurfaces

A meme about PC gamers and GTA 6 has resurfaced on the GTA 6 Subreddit.

GTA 6 is due to release in 2025 on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S – but no details have been announced when it will be available to play on PC.

ithepunisher has posted a SpongeBob SquarePants meme of Squidward looking out of the window of a dark room and SpongeBob and Patrick running along happily with their arms in the air.

The meme is called ‘PC gamers in 2025’ with the picture edited so SpongeBob and Patrick have PS5 controllers in their hands with the GTA 6 logo above them.

It’s got more than 1.2k upvotes at the time of writing and has got a lot of users commenting.

Exciting_Ad8979 said: “I hate the fact that I’m gonna buy a PS5 just for this.”

ByteBlender said: “For me I will spend that one year of wait watching the content other ppl will make about GTA 6 same thing happened with RDR2 (Red Dead Redemption 2) and it felt like a month till it came out for PC.”

Trainalf said: “We’ll keep a seat open for the PC bros. When the time comes, we’re going to need them to datamine the game and find all the juicy stuff Rockstar cut.”

Miniminter’s ‘unpopular opinion’


GTA 6 is overhyped… 😬 #WhatsGood #GTA #GTAVI #Miniminter #Gaming

Having spoken on an episode of the What’s Good Podcast, Miniminter from the Sidemen gave his verdict of the trailer and worries he has about the highly-anticipated game, sharing his ‘unpopular opinion’.

He said. “Unpopular opinion here – I watched the trailer earlier and I was like ‘oh my god, this is insane’; in my head and my heart, I thought it looks alright, it looks like GTA but everyone gassed it up so much.

“Sidemen, GTA 5, that’s how the Sidemen started – we started with a bunch of videos that were just free roam.

“Walk around the city, you run up to a civilian and punch them, and everyone’s like ‘haha this is amazing’.

GTA 6 comes out – can the Sidemen create free roam videos just by playing the game that are like that?

“There will be new things in the game – but I think the normal mechanics are going to fundamentally be the same and we can’t find that hilarious anymore.”

Happy or sad ending? ***WARNING: RED DEAD REDEMPTION & GTA 5 SPOILERS***


A post on X / Twitter has got users discussing what they want to see from the ending of the single-player campaign for GTA 6.

@NikTekOfficial posted: “I wonder if Rockstar Games is going to pull a Red Dead Redemption type of ending in GTA 6 and leave us depressed for weeks after finishing it, or will we get a happy ending just like in GTA 5…”

And a number of users have been commenting with their thoughts.

@synticat0r said: “I want them to do a happy ending, I think something like betrayal being apart of the ending would be very cliche and predictable with the type of story they are clearly going with Jason and Lucia.”

@IsaiahLord5 said: “Should be a happy ending. You don’t need to have a emotional ending for a compelling story.”

@bianchini_alain said: “The fact that the story is inspired by Bonnie and Clyde doesn’t bode well for a happy ending.”

@AravindElangov6 said: “Betrayal is the major part of all Rockstar games. So, Lucia gonna betray Jason.”

@batmansalt said: “I feel like GTA always ends up having a happier ending, given its roots in action/crime storytelling. Red Dead games, drawing from westerns, usually end up giving players a darker, sadder ending.”

Bow discussion

A discussion is ongoing in the GTA 6 Subreddit about if gamers would like to see a bow included as a weapon.

the-great-nerd posted: “It would be fun for hunting and fishing.”

It’s got users talking in the comments.

Accomplished_Nerve87 said: “Spearguns are coming in GTA 6 according to the leaks.”

Cautious_Wafer3075 said: “I feel like hunting and fishing is a guarantee lol. It’s an essential characteristic of Florida. It would be a huge L for Rockstar if they didn’t include it. They showed rednecks in the trailer so, I’m sure they included it.”

FuzzyHotel6180 said: “I’m praying there’s a crossbow in this game. Would be so sick. Love using it in The Last of Us 2.

Concept map

Reddit user -edinator- posted in the GTA 6 Subreddit a concept map of what the fictional state of Leonida could look like.

It fleshes out more of the west side of the state and what could be included in the panhandle.

It’s proving popular on the social media site.

ZealousTaxful said: “The map-menus in the non-HD universes had colors and the map-menu in GTA 4 and 5 were both black/grey. I wonder if GTA 6 will have the colour your concept has – or we can switch between that, a satellite view, or a ‘transit’ map like Apple/Google. Either way, I hope it is colourful!”

Pir-o said: “Looks a little squeezed but other than that it looks great, I like the colours. BUT considering where are 0 co-ordinates on the map and the location of islands IRL (as well as mentions of Bermuda triangle in the leaks), I think we might get two smaller islands on the right side of the map, not on the left.”

nowhere2run4 said: “Looks really good!”

GTA 6 ‘could save the gaming industry’ says expert

A video games expert thinks “GTA 6 might be the game to save the gaming industry” because of its expected popularity, the sheer amount of money that’s gone into it and market trends it is likely to show when released in 2025.

Given 2024 is expected to be a quiet year for the gaming industry, one expert thinks GTA 6 can help save it.

George Osborn is the creator of Video Games Industry Memoand the managing director of Half-Space Consulting with 15 years’ experience in the industry having also studied at the University of Cambridge.

When asked by Indy100 about just how big the release of GTA 6 will be, George said: “GTA 6 might be the game to save the games industry, it’s the game to restore confidence in it.”

Read the full story here.

Animals spotted on license plates

Animals have been spotted on license plates in the GTA 6 trailer.

28 seconds in, a flamingo can be seen on one with a gator spotted at 1:08, according to screenshots uploaded to the GTA 6 Subreddit by Roel_driesvink.

Flashy-Scheme-933 said: “This is one of the few things I didn’t notice from the trailer. Just more evidence of Rockstar’s attention to detail. And pretty neat.”

JayIsNotReal said: “This is a detail from the trailer that I did not know about. It might not be important but it is a good catch.”

Up to 4x RP and 3x GTA$ on GTA Online

Rockstar has posted an update on its Newswire with the latest events taking place in GTA Online.

Nightclubs are bringing in 2x GTA$ in daily income with drinks free in the game.

Double rewards are in Request Nightclub Goods and there’s double RP and GTA$ in Nightclubs Sell Goods missions.

There’s 2x GTA$ and 4x RP on all Simeon contact missions with a Bleuter’d t-shirt up for grabs in-game for logging in any time this week.

New cars are available along with double rewards on Tiny Racers and triple rewards on New Community Series.

Technical challenges of GTA 3 on PS2

A former Rockstar developer has shared ‘the hardest technical challenge’ faced in getting GTA 3 to run as it should on PS2.

GTA 3 was the first 3D Grand Theft Auto game, released in 2001 and set in Liberty City, a fictional version of New York City.

Obbe Vermeij, who worked at Rockstar for 10 years and whose projects included GTA 3, Vice City, San Andreas and GTA 4, has explained the ‘hardest technical challenge’ of the project on X / Twitter.

He said: “There was no way we could fit the whole map of GTA 3 in PS2 memory. Streaming involves loading models from the DVD as the player moves around. This was the hardest technical challenge during the development of GTA 3 and was coded by Adam Fowler.

“The closer models physically are on the DVD, the faster they are loaded. This is because the DVD needs to accelerate/decelerate as the head moves to a different track.”

Popular meme

A meme has been posted in the GTA 6 Subreddit by LiLdude227 that’s got 1.9k upvotes in 19 hours at the time of writing that takes aim at other users of the same Subreddit.

It shows a scene from SpongeBob SquarePants with Patrick, Sandy and other SpongeBob characters in an audience at what looks like a talk from Squidward.

Patrick puts his hand up with the caption r/GTA6 on him.

A picture of Squidward looking fed up follows, with the caption ‘no r/GTA6, Jason is not an undercover cop’.

It’s got a lot of people talking too.

Bugsy_Marino said: “I love the logic that a police department allows an undercover cop to gruesomely murder hundreds of citizens in order to bust one person who’s robbing convenience stores, because that would be the case if Jason was an undercover cop.”

Bluevettes said: “I think that it would be interesting to have a protagonist that’s an extremely crooked cop, but playing as an undercover good one doesn’t make sense in a game where you’re constantly murdering other people… Including cops.”

ZealousTaxful said: “And no, there will not be taxes to pay.”

GTA 6 map scale revealed

A Reddit user has posted a scaled version of how the GTA 6 mapping project compares in size to the GTA 5 map.

GTA 6 is set in the fictional state of Leonida, based on Florida – the mapping project is a community that’s piecing together what Leonida is likely to look like based on co-ordinates from the trailer, leaks and widespread speculation.

Florida’s ‘panhandle’ was added in the most recent update on April 12.

Reddit user _RealityBoat has recently posted in the GTA 6 Subreddit to show how the GTA 6 map looks compared to the GTA 5 map when scaled.

Before the ‘panhandle’ was added, both maps appeared to actually be more similar in size than speculated, with GTA 6 looking only slightly larger – but since that addition, it’s made GTA 6‘s map appear around twice the size of GTA 5’s.

OrfeasDourvas said: “Something important to note here. GTA 5 has a lot of mountains so a lot of the surface area isn’t exactly what you would call playable. Miami is flat so the difference is going to be even bigger than what we can see here.”

Tight-Fall5354 said: “I really do not buy the panhandle being that goddamn large.”

PepsiFruit said: “I wonder how close this is to the reality we’ll get.”

Actor ‘listed’ on GTA 6 IMDb

A screenshot has been shared on the GTA 6 Subreddit of an actor who appeared to be ‘listed’ in the credits for GTA 6.

The picture shows Charlotte McKee credited in the role of Candy on IMDb.

McKee has appeared in Law & Order and Shades of Blue.

This has led to speculation about the potential inclusion of a character called Candy Suxxx, who in the Vice City entries of Grand Theft Auto worked as an adult film star.

When checking GTA 6 on IMDb, this credit no longer appears – it must be said the website can be easily contributed to.

But the post has got users talking on Reddit.

MagicJim96 said: “She could be the actress for old Candy Suxxx…?”

MoBB_17 said: “Considering how much Rockstar writers like Law & Order I wouldn’t be surprised.”

Wall_Hammer said: “Couldn’t she have included it by mistake, possibly violating NDAs?”

‘Carrying stuff on your vehicle’

Reddit user LOAYU has posted a picture of a car with a roof and bike rack on it in the GTA 6 Subreddit with the caption: “Carrying stuff on your vehicle (apart from customisation).”

It’s got people talking if this is a feature they want to see in GTA 6 in the comments.

FromWestLondon said: “Yeah this is something I’ve got on my wishlist. We should be able to use vehicles to transport other vehicles like motorcycles, bikes etc.”

vercettiwashere replied: “Oh that’s a good idea. Towing jet skis and launching them at a boat launch would be sick.”

CaptainWaders said: “Or towing dirt bikes or ATVs to go ride at different parts of the map. Speaking of vehicles if we don’t get some amazing customisation on the air boats I’m going to be p****d.”

Dezzy25 said: “Assuming the details from the leaked clips make it to the final version of the game, it seems very likely we will have at least functional vehicle trunks. I don’t think being able to store items on vehicles is as realistic of an expectation. However, I do think there’s a good chance vehicle trailers will be much more functional giving us the ability to tow / haul boats, ATVs and maybe even other cars. Yes, I know tow trucks have been functional in previous titles but I’m referring to non-tow truck vehicles with trailers.”

GTA 6 trailer scenes with Franklin, Michael and Trevor

A GTA 6 Subreddit post has got people talking as it shows how Franklin, Michael and Trevor could look in scenes from the GTA 6 trailer.

Three different edits show the three playing around on the beach, Franklin twerking on top of a car and Michael with his arms out the top of a convertible at night.

They’ve gone down well on the social media site.

barf_of_dog said: “Why did I move here? Bad luck I guess.”

EmperorBruduh said: “This is so well edited lmao.”

Dry-Fault-5557 said: “GTA 5.5.”

bl4ck51 said: “I imagined Michael screaming in the last picture lol.”

LelandTurbo0620 said: “NPCs looking higher quality than former protagonists is crazy.”

GTA 5 cancelled single-player ‘DLC’ details revealed – full story

GTA 5 cancelled single-player ‘DLC’ details revealed

Erikona, iStock

It’s understood a number of additions to single-player GTA 5 were in the works but because of the success of GTA Online and the money it was generating, development was shifted towards that.

But cast members of GTA 5 recently revealed what Rockstar had planned for what could have been an example of DLC for the story mode.

Read the full story here.

GTA 6 fanart of Jason and Lucia being pulled over

Reddit user PrettyFlackoJodi has shared what they say is an original fanart of Jason and Lucia being pulled over at the side of the road at night.

It shows Jason and Lucia out of the vehicle and pointing guns with flashlights at those who have pulled them over.

It appears to be replicated as bodycam footage and looks as though it’s been posted on an in-game social media site; the user or topic is called ViceActivity with the caption: “All this over a simple traffic stop.”

It playfully has a date of July 23 2025 in the top right corner too.

The post is getting a lot of positive interaction on the GTA 6 Subreddit.

Pajca said: “Damn, this fooled me for a good few seconds.”

pinkfrenchtips said: “This looks really good.”

ZealousTaxful said: “Could very well be a form of snippet we see on the app. Well done!”

Take-Two earnings call – when and what to expect

With Take-Two’s next earnings call scheduled for May 16, there is speculation the next GTA 6 announcement could be on May 15.

That’s because Rockstar has a history of big announcements before earnings calls – in this one, Take-Two said it will report full Financial Year (FY) ’24 results and reveal plans for FY25 (games releasing before April 2025), likely to give some indication of when in 2025 GTA 6 could launch.

It’s expected that updated sales numbers for the Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead Redemption series will be shared along with talks of what the future holds for both.

Revenue expectations could give an indication to the timeline for GTA 6 too.

Property and business ownership ‘immersion’

westcoastjag asked in the GTA 6 Subreddit: “How much immersion would you like to see in GTA 6 regarding property and business ownership?”

It’s got a number of other users commenting with their thoughts.

John_King0424 said: “I just know I don’t wanna be stuck in the same safe house for the whole game again.”

RiggzToGo said: “It’d be cool if they let us customize our house on the inside or like your office so we can personalize it to our preferred style. I’d be happy with that honestly.”

SandLuc083_ said: “I want to be able to do EVERYTHING. I’m frankly sick and tired of Online getting everything, and want to pretty much do everything you can do there and more within the realms of single player.”

ZeldaTheOuchMouse said: “All I want is the ability to buy mansions with a massive garage so I can keep all my cars in one place and not in 18 different places across the map.”

jayjonas1996 said: “Be able to buy multiple houses, boats, docks for my boats, cars, garages for my cars, hangars, planes to put in those hangars, businesses, there should be chores for my business like getting supplies, there should be monthly earnings from those business based on how I’m taking care of it. And other mafias target me and my business by random attacks or robberies if I’m buying too many places in the city which attracts attention from other bosses as their business takes a hit.”

What GTA 6 companion app could look like

A GTA 6 Subreddit user has posted screenshots of what a companion app could look like.

There have been companion apps for GTA 5 and Read Dead Redemption 2 from Rockstar.

Companion apps are quite common across video games – games such as FC 24, the Resident Evil series and Final Fantasy XIV also have them so gamers can further their experience on the go.

And NitroJC has posted what a GTA 6 one could look like and how “cool” it would be.

Dry-Fault-5557 said: “Guarantee you 6 will have an app to show off your clips and customisation options.”

Pajca said: “Nobody would use it. It would be cool for the first day, maybe. After that no one would care at all.”

amir_s89 said: “This could elevate the immersion significantly for us players. Your smartphone connects to game console or PC via local network and that way… I believe it would feel different when I choose to drive someplace. Pick up my smartphone, set designated place in navigation. Or receive calls from NPCs.”

Jason8ourne said: “They rebranded their social club thing. It could very well be with an app like this in mind. With everything together. The crews etc, for easier use.”

‘Without GTA Online, RDR2 and GTA 6 wouldn’t be looking this great’

A post in the GTA 6 Subreddit has got people talking about how GTA Online (GTAO) is why Red Dead Redemption 2(RDR2) and the upcoming GTA 6 look so good graphically.

AnimeGokuSolos said: “I don’t believe a single player DLC would make that much profit for their feature games that are RDR2 and GTA 6.”

And a number of users have been commenting their thoughts.

ToppleToes said: “The problem is Rockstar abandoned DLC for the story mode. They completely shifted their focus on GTAO which is understandable. They had plans for single player DLC but when they realized that GTAO is getting popular they instead shifted that DLC to GTAO. GTAO is great but it’s micro transaction heavy. They have shark cards and now GTA+. GTAO was never the problem, how Rockstar tries to rinse our wallets is the problem.”

PreScarf said: “I can’t wait man… I want it so bad.”

Zopotroco said: “Online doesn’t exist for me.”

aspiring_dev1 said: “No one is saying to abandon online rather to give support to single player alongside the online. They could have used the millions to give quality single player DLC too you know? Yet you forget how they even got to the position today even before online even existed.”

monkey_D_v1199 said: “My problem with online is that Rockstar dedicated too much to it instead of finding a balance between supporting both online and the single player. I wouldn’t mind the 10+ year wait if it meant that the single player would get some DLC or something, but instead everything went towards the online. That and the fact that online went from a fun mode with great DLC, to a microtransactions fest and s**t DLC after s**t DLC. I’m hoping this time around Rockstar recognizes that people would love some single player DLC and a balance between the support.”

Taylor Swift’s GTA lyric ‘proven’

Taylor Swift arriving at the 2024 Grammys

Robyn Beck, AFP via Getty Images

It seems Taylor Swift’s lyric about ‘bros’ playing Grand Theft Auto on a track on her brand new album The Tortured Poets Department has been proven.

Lyrics on Taylor’s So High School say: “Brand-new, full throttle, touch me while your bros play Grand Theft Auto.”

That’s on a track understood to be about her romance with Travis Kelce.

And one of Travis’s close friends, Harry Clark, seems to have proven the lyric true.

On his Instagram story on April 20, Harry reportedly posted a picture of his GTA character with the caption: “GTA, I got shooters.”

It was posted with a track called GTA by Future and Metro Boomin’, inspired by Rockstar’s iconic gaming franchise.

May 15 speculated as date for next announcement

With Take-Two’s next earnings call scheduled for May 16, there is speculation that the next GTA 6 announcement could be on May 15.

That’s because Rockstar has a history of big announcements before earnings calls – in this one, Take-Two said it will report full Financial Year (FY) ’24 results and reveal plans for FY25 (games releasing before April 2025), likely to give some indication of when in 2025 GTA 6 could launch.

And there is speculation on the GTA 6 Subreddit that the next announcement, whether that’s a new trailer date, screenshots or a specific release date, could be on May 15.

Wallbreaker-g said: “I feel like if we are getting something related to 6, it might not be a trailer. Could be some screenshots or something idk still seems a little too soon for a second trailer.”

ToppleToes said: “Trailer #2 May 14. My copium levels are maximum.”

FuzzyHotel6180 said: “Probably newswire and screenshots before a trailer 2.”

‘Fruit Pay’

An iFruit Pay logo seems to be on the door of the shop Lucia and Jason storm

Rockstar Games

A ‘Fruit Pay’ logo has been spotted on the door Lucia and Jason kick through at the end of the GTA 6 trailer.

In GTA 5, Apple’s iPhone is parodied as iFruit, a line of smartphones designed and marketed by Fruit Computers.

willardgeneharris posted the screenshot and asked the GTA 6 Subreddit: “Do you think we’ll be able to pay with our phones in the game? It would make sense if you actually can be robbed as often as you are in RDR2 (Red Dead Redemption 2) to put your cash into the bank and pay digitally instead.”

False-Leadership6685 said: “Great find: I would love a mission where we rob a store only to find out they’re cashless.”

ZealousTaxful said: “Lucia and Jason plan and execute their first robbery together of a hole in the wall vegan cafe; they soon find out it’s contactless payment, leading to Lucia’s incarceration (the police had contactless handcuffs).”

Chance-Battle9238 said: “I’m more excited about if we are gonna have Ubers, or even work as Uber to make some money.”

There’s also a Petty Forever sticker on the shop door, in reference to Tom Petty’s track Love is a Long Road being used.

Points of interest from leaks

Reddit user False-Leadership6685 has posted a list of the locations that are known of in all of the leaks so far.

Businesses include: Vice City Pawn, Malibu Club, Hanks Waffles, Kingfisher Cargo, Cafe Carraway, PG Strip Mall, Iris Laundry, Kolt Cargo, Keys Garage and Burger Shot.

Places in cities include: Grassrivers, Overtown, Grasslands, Bocamer Bridge, Seaview, Bayside, Guardia, South Beach, Vice Beach, Rockridge, St Joseph, La Perle, Washington, Beach, Sundown Beach, Park South, North Beaches and Bellville.

Notable places include: Vice Beach Plaza, Seaview, Leaf Links, Sundown Tarmac, Ambrosia Dairy, Ambrosia Tarmac, VCIA, Redhill Forest, PGH Strip Mall, PGH Racetrack, Starlet Motel, PG LA Cascara Motel, PG LA Cascara Motel, South Beach, Hotel, PG Motel and Kington Hotel.

Towns and cities include: Vice City, Port Gellhorn, Ambrosia, Redhill, Sundown, Copperhead, Yorktown, Lake Leonida, Ekanfinika, Hamlet and Domed Hills.

InevitableSecret2100 said: “The motels make the think we will be on the run for a while.”

Skyshrim said: “Red Hill and Domed Hills makes me think we will get a little bit of some nice topography for off-roading.”


Bugsy_Marino said: “I can’t wait to visit the Malibu club again.”

GTA 6 map ‘comparatively even bigger than you think’

A Reddit user has posted what the GTA 5 map of Los Santos looks like if it didn’t have mountains.

False-Leadership6685 posted the image with the caption: “GTA 5 map without mountains – GTA 6 will be comparatively even bigger than you think.”

The GTA 6 Subreddit post has 1.7k upvotes at the time of writing and hundreds of comments.

Fantastic_let_496 said: “The mountains in 5, despite being completely useless were really neatly designed if you think about it though. I don’t think they are as bad as people make them out to be; you have Mount Chiliad which helps make the map look bigger because it blocks off the northern part of the map appearing it look bigger than it actually is. They’re obviously not going to be an excessive thing in 6 but it’d be nice to have some sort of mountain range in the north to block off the map again.”

FromWestLondon replied: “Agreed, the mountains looked awesome and just made the map look more interesting IMO. I’m telling you now when 6 comes out people are gonna say they miss the mountains in GTA 5 and complain about the lack of elevation.”

Booyacaja said: “All I see is Homer Simpson’s head.”

Real-time ‘global illumination’

A Reddit user has said ‘global illumination’ is included in GTA 6.

‘Global illumination’ is a group of algorithms used in 3D computer graphics designed to make lighting in 3D scenes look more realistic.

Rinocore posted screenshots from the trailer in the GTA 6 Subreddit, saying: “Sunlight transitions to shadow between buildings as the light bounces off the buildings surface next to it. The effect will be most noticeable indoors with sunlight shining through windows, the sunlight will bounce around the room creating realistic lighting conditions. This will also make nights a lot more realistic with light sources illuminating objects around them, this includes moonlight which will be far more realistic.”

ZealousTaxful said: “The sun is great and all, but I can’t wait to see how eerie or wonderful places like the ‘Everglades’ look like under GLOBAL moonlight.”

Another user said: “You can see the effect you’re talking about in the opening scene with Lucia, the way the light comes in through the window and bounces around the room.”

False-Leadership6685 said: “This really is a game changer (pun intended). What you’re seeing with global illumination is a huge leap in how light behaves in-game.”

‘Nude cruise’

A Reddit user has posted a screenshot in the GTA 6 Subreddit of a headline that says ‘a Miami cruise company is set to launch its first ever nude cruise in 2025’.

IAmGolfMan posted it with the caption: “Time for Rockstar to add a reference to this.”

It’s gone down well, with 1.8k upvotes at the time of writing.

MaxRockatanskiisGhost said: “I got news for you people. This is Florida. Rockstar can cherry pick the best 10 per cent of references from this state and still have to cut half of them to keep the game under a 1TB install. This place is f****n’ cray.”

quackcow144 replied: “I’d be fine with a TB install honestly. It’s only annoying when it’s Call of Duty and there’s absolutely no reason those games should be 200GB and have 30GB updates.”

Frogee_ said: “This would be better than the strip club.”

Rockstar announcement ‘imminent’

A composite image of the GTA 6 logo and a screenshot from the trailer

Rockstar Games

With Take-Two’s fourth quarter earnings call reportedly being on May 16, it’s led to widespread speculation that an update for GTA 6 will be announced just before then.

Rockstar has a history of doing this – hours before Take-Two’s earnings call on November 8 2023, the developer announced the date for the GTA 6 trailer.

A day before an earnings call on May 23 2017, Red Dead Redemption 2 was announced.

Take-Two holds earnings calls to show its success to investors and discuss what lies ahead for the company.

In February’s call, the last one to take place, Take-Two said it would report full Financial Year (FY) ’24 results and reveal plans for FY25 (games releasing before April 2025).

While it might not be officially confirmed, it is likely to give an idea if GTA 6 will launch in early 2025 or later that year.

There is speculation that to drive up interest and potential investment, a GTA 6 second trailer date could be announced, a release date, new screenshots or any new information just before the earnings call.

Earnings call date reaction

Reddit users in the GTA 6 Subreddit have been reacting to Take-Two’s fourth quarter earnings call reportedly being on May 16.

Top_Information3534 posted saying: “They will discuss plans for FY25 (financial year) and most likely reveal the GTA 6 release timeframe!”

Comments have been mixed in response.

Kafanska said: “It’s an earnings call, not a press conference.”

False-Leadership6685 said: “Yes and a more accurate estimate for the production cost of the game.”

EnvironmentalSeat298 said: “Indirectly they will, through their predictions on revenue. If it stays the same it’s pretty much guaranteed early 2025.”

DalTheDalmatian said: “Keep your expectations low and you won’t be disappointed, or maybe you still will be idk.”

Take-Two fourth quarter earnings call date

Take-Two is reported to have said it will hold its fourth quarter earnings call on May 16.

That means it will report its financial results for the final three months of the fiscal year.

The company is understood to be holding a conference call to discuss its results at 4.30pm ET.

A lot of speculation has said that Rockstar could announce an update for GTA 6 around the time of this earnings call.

‘Awesome’ concept map

GTA 6 Subreddit user Gyranos has posted their latest concept of what the map of Leonida could look like.

It’s incredibly detailed, building on the recently updated map from the mapping community which added Florida’s ‘panhandle’.

Gyranos has detailed what could be included in the ‘panhandle’ if it is to feature and the scale of it alongside the GTA 6 map.

longingnostalgia said: “This map is awesome. Vice City is almost, or just might be twice as large as Los Santos!”

Therealomerali said: “I would be extremely happy if this was the map we got. Big a** city in Vice City, a couple smaller cities and a bunch of towns sprinkled in between the country side. Reminds me of San Andreas map which is an extremely good thing.”

caramio621 said: “Awesome map but emptiness isn’t always bad as long as it’s not the boring emptiness GTA 5 had and more like the fun emptiness RDR2 had.”

Rockstar sends package to MojaveD


Does this mean he’s mentioned in RDR3? 🤔🤞#fyp #mojaved #rockstargames #rockstar #reddeadredemption2 #rdr2 #reddeadredemption #reaction #gift #dailyrdr2

Rockstar Games sent a package to popular YouTuber and streamer MojaveD.

MojaveD is an older content creator who is posting his first playthrough of Red Dead Redemption 2 (RDR2) and he’s gained quite a following online in the process.

In a video posted on TikTok, MojaveD said he got an email from Rockstar but thought it was fake at first before the GTA and Red Dead Redemption developer sent him a package full of swag.

Included in the package are RDR2 jumpers, shirts, Arthur Morgan shirts and a branded cap and ashtray.

Reaction to Take-Two layoffs

GTA 6 Subreddit users have been reacting to the news of Take-Two layoffs.

While it’s reported some 2K staff will be cut, it’s not known at this stage if it will affect Rockstar or GTA 6.

There has been no official confirmation from Take-Two on how it will cut five per cent of its workforce at the time of writing.

Visara57 said: “The only way I expect cuts on Rockstar staff is if the game is basically finished and they don’tneed those people anymore.”

viva-la-vendredi said: “Yeah, sure they will kill their next cashcow…”

Latter_Commercial_52 said: “The game’s pretty much finished, they are probably just laying off all the contractors and extra work they hired to crunch in.”

Hope for ‘eerie back alleys’

One Reddit user has posted in the GTA 6 Subreddit saying ‘I hope GTA 6 has these eerie back alleys that were lacking in GTA 5‘.

Accompanying the post is a clip of gameplay from GTA 4.

Able_Interest_2222 said: “Well to be fair, 4 took place in Liberty City (NYC) and 5 took place in Los Santos (LA) which isn’t known for its alleys other than in south central.”

Shamarb4 said: “I also hope GTA 6 is more actually mature and serious than 5 was so much!!!”

LengthinessNew6326 said: “I really love how when you look up in GTA 4 the world just feels bigger.”

RichieRoosta said: “V has decent alleys where you play Vespucci Job mission.”

‘Collectors Edition’ discussion

A Reddit user has posted in the GTA 6 Subreddit a theory of what could be in a ‘Collectors Edition’ of GTA 6 if Rockstar decides to release one.

awesomea04 posted a fan-made concept with the caption: “Featuring: GTA VI on PS5 or Xbox Series X, exclusive steelbook, Welcome to… Leonida travel guide, social media popsocket, green and red bandanas based on the characters Jason and Lucia, Hotel Dixon do not disturb double-sided sign, Fred’s World annual pass badge, all inside a party cooler.”

It’s got a number of users commenting.

saved2004 said: “The bandanas and information book would be cool.”

DoeDon404 said: “Love the idea of in-game branded coolers being the main container. The travel book reminds me of 3D era GTA booklets, Vice City’s was themed as a brochure.”

Frosty_Limit_8204 said: “Travel guide and the game… Definitely the game.”

Take-Two announces layoffs, scraps projects

A composite image of Jason in the GTA 6 trailer and the logo for GTA 6

Rockstar Games

Take-Two Interactive Software will lay off around five per cent of its workforce, or around 600 employees.

It said it will also scrap several projects in development as part of a cost-reduction plan, which is expected to result in total charges of up to $200m, but declined to name the projects which will be chopped.

It’s unknown if this will specifically affect Rockstar and development of GTA 6 at this stage.

The move is expected to save more than $165m per year, Take-Two has said.

Office space will also be reduced.

Take-Two is a holding company that owns developers Rockstar, 2K and now Gearbox in a deal that was recently announced for $460m.

It isn’t the first in the industry to make cuts like this – Riot Games, Electronic Arts Japan’s Sony Corp have all trimmed their workforces this year due to uncertain spending from consumers after the pandemic-era boom.

Additional reporting by Reuters.

TV show / movie references

LewisB_93 has asked in the GTA 6 Subreddit what TV show movie or references other want to see.

The user posted: “I’d like to see mentions of the Bay Harbour Butcher around the city, maybe even on the news.”

CodPsychological9551 said: “It would be really nice to see Dexter and the body bags at the seabed.”

romrombhai said: “Scarface.”

One user said: “Miami Vice 100%.”

PeanutButterOlives said: “Scarface is a must.”

bubbleblasterallday said: “Burn Notice, 2 Fast 2 Furious, Miami Vice, Bad Boys 1 & 2.”

Hope for more Jason info in second trailer

A Reddit user has posted in the GTA 6 Subreddit saying they hope the second trailer will focus more on Jason.

AnimeGokuSolos said: “I don’t mind others people’s ideas for trailer 2 but I think it makes more sense to have a little more info on Jason. I also say this because some people are already assuming that he’s going to be sidelined, plus he just said one word like ‘trust’ lol.”

And others have been sharing their thoughts.

Boiled_Thought said: “If the 2nd trailer focuses on Jason as much as the first trailer focused on Lucia, instead of one word we will hear him say like 14, and like 3 more seconds of screentime. Heck yeah.”

One_Cake4463 said: “It’s crazy how ‘officially’ we don’t even know he’s called Jason because his name was not mentioned in the trailer.”

Jaded-Building-1064 said: “Kinda looks like Arthur.”

Nationalities represented

Reddit user CyberFrog2000 has started a discussion in the GTA 6 Subreddit asking ‘which different and perhaps new nationalities’ people want to see in the game.

soviet6844 said: “I’d like to see more of the historical ties between Haiti, Cuba, and how it influenced the culture of Vice City. They had Haitian and Cuban gangs in GTA: Vice City for the PS2, why not explore that part of the setting a bit more?”

larianu said: “We’re in Florida. Canadian media is obsessed over ‘snowbird season’ where wealthier Canadians flock down south to Florida to escape the winters here. Hope we see some Canadian tourists.”

Big-Celebration5606 said: “BRAAZIIIILLLLL.”

GTA 6 ‘could save the gaming industry’ says expert – video

GTA 5 behind-the-scenes documentary canned

Cast members of GTA 5 recently revealed Rockstar had filmed footage for a behind-the-scenes documentary of the game – but ‘never did anything with it’.

Ned Luke (Michael De Santa), Shawn Fonteno (Franklin Clinton) and Steven Ogg (Trevor Phillips) did a rare appearance together with the service Streamily.

Fans could request their autographs on various prints and watch them sign it – as part of this, they also did a live Q&A.

And in a clip that’s been posted online, the cast revealed a behind-the-scenes documentary was in the works.

Ned said: “It was nuts to me they had that behind-the-scenes camera going the whole time and they never did anything with it.”

Steven said: “I think at one point, didn’t we discuss how cool it would be to have ‘the making of’ so we could have a documentary on the making of GTA?”

Full PS5 Pro details leaked

A composite image of the GTA 6 logo and a PS5 console

Rockstar Games & Avid Photographer, iStock

The full specs of Sony’s upcoming mid-generation update, the PS5 Pro, have been leaked online.

Insider Gaming previously said a number of ‘leaks’ had been confirmed by sources, such as support for 8k gameplay, 45 per cent faster and have four times better ray tracing, a method for producing visual images constructed in 3D computer graphics environments.

The new console is also reported to be released in ‘holiday 2024’, so sometime between Thanksgiving and New Year.

Now The Verge has confirmed it’s full steam ahead for Sony and games developers for the PS5 Pro as it has obtained ‘a full list of specs for the upcoming console’.

The report says: “Codenamed Trinity, the PS5 Pro model will include a more powerful GPU and a slightly faster CPU mode.

“All of Sony’s changes point to a PS5 Pro that will be far more capable of rendering games with ray tracing enabled or hitting higher resolutions and frame rates in certain titles.”

It’s reported Sony has indicated PS5s will continue to be sold alongside PS5 Pros, with existing games patched for higher performances yet urging developers to keep in mind their games will have to run well on both consoles.

Gamers ‘happy’ GTA 6 has modern setting

Gamers on the GTA 6 Subreddit have said they are ‘happy’ GTA 6 is set in modern times, even if it does throw back to the 80s on occasion as GTA: Vice City was set then.

AnimeGokuSolos got the discussion started, posting: “I want Rockstar to make fun of modern day stuff for this game, which they will. They wouldn’t do so if it took place in the 80s again.”

beezy604 said: “Yeah I feel like it’s a good basis to have the game set in modern times but have that 80s style it’ll work super well.”

Anti_Sociall said: “It would be nice to get an 80s single player DLC, but that’s probably not going to happen.”

One user said: “My only complaint about modern times is the extreme use of the cell phone for the radio buddy system. I really didn’t mind playing games where someone isn’t yakking in my ear for the whole mission.”

Insane GTA 6 trailer details discovered in real-life Florida remake

Breakwater is called Boardwalk in the trailer

Andrew Levitt, YouTube / Rockstar Games

Behind-the-scenes footage of a real-life remake of the GTA 6 trailer has uncovered insane levels of detail in it, from how buildings are connected down to the correct positioning of lifeguard towers on Miami Beach.

Andrew Levitt and Jacob Phillips have previously recreated digital content in real life, such as the Red Dead Redemption 2trailer, Apple MacOS wallpapers and the Windows XP wallpaper.

Andrew posted a video on his YouTube channel eight months ago to say he would not be uploading any more videos and would be posting different content on another account.

But he recently posted a behind-the-scenes video for a real-life remake of the trailer, also on his channel, explaining that because of the amount of hype around the GTA 6 trailer, he had to “come out of retirement” to make this.

Read the full story here.

Honour system discussion

A discussion is ongoing on the GTA 6 Subreddit if players want to see an honour system introduced.

An honour system is featured in Red Dead Redemption 2, meaning there are consequences for actions players perform during the game, earning them a high or low honour.

High honour leads to reduced prices, better loot, and more outfits whereas low honour yields more loot and other discounts.

AnimeGokuSolos posted and kicked off the discussion, and said: “Imagine playing as a low honour Lucia or a high honour Jason? I think it’d be interesting.”

It’s got people talking online.

-FLUX123 said: “Nah I don’t really want it, I think in GTA you should be able to do whatever you want without a bunch of consequences.”

ZeroJDM said: “I think the leaked consequences of CCTV and people remembering your face work the best for this type of system, rather than like a moral meter.”

thespeedforce5 said: “It wouldn’t work in GTA because RDR is is about ‘redemption’ (it’s in the name) and I don’t see Jason and Lucia going ‘wow we’ve done terrible things, we need to start doing some good in the world to right our wrongs’.”

Leak ‘no-one is talking about’

​Reddit user reef_fart has posted a feature that’s been ‘leaked’ in the ​GTA 6​ Subreddit which ‘no-one is talking about’.

The user has noticed players will have the ability to prone – in other words lay down on the floor.

The post said: “Most people who watched those leaked videos came across the moment with Jason crawling on the ground, well, it looks a lot like a regular cutscene, but you can also find a moment where Jason actually lies down at the developer’s command, (hold L3 button btw) which tells us that this is a full-fledged mechanic.”

It’s not something that’s ever been used in the ​GTA​ series before.

ThisIsaGoodIdea said: “You may have not seen all the leaks. That ‘cutscene’ of him crawling on the ground is only one of two videos I know of that features him prone. There’s another leak of Jason in some sort of test arena with the white and black squares. It shows him going from standing, to crouched, to prone a few times. So yes it’s a feature.”

bumper2001 said: “Assuming a prone feature will be implemented in the final game, this is huge for the franchise’s mission design going forward. This likely means stealth will be an actual occurrence in the game (unlike 5). Imagine stealth crawling under an enemy’s car and planting an explosive.”

Posit_IV said: “I just want stealth in general. What’s the point of being sneaky and using silencers if God calls the cops on you for silently executing a rando in the middle of the desert, miles from civilisation?”

GTA 6 ‘could save the gaming industry’ says expert

A screenshot from the GTA 6 trailer

Rockstar Games

A video games expert thinks “GTA 6 might be the game to save the gaming industry” because of its expected popularity, the sheer amount of money that’s gone into it and market trends it is likely to show when released in 2025.

Given 2024 is expected to be a quiet year for the gaming industry, one expert thinks GTA 6 can help save it.

George Osborn is the creator of Video Games Industry Memoand the managing director of Half-Space Consulting with 15 years’ experience in the industry having also studied at the University of Cambridge.

When asked by Indy100 about just how big the release of GTA 6 will be, George said: “GTA 6 might be the game to save the games industry, it’s the game to restore confidence in it.”

Read the full story here.

Map hype

A Reddit user has posted the GTA 5 map on top of the updated GTA 6 map put together by the mapping project community – and the size difference looks huge.

Skywrpp’s post shows the community’s GTA 6 map, with the ‘panhandle’ now included, appears to be three-to-four times bigger.

And those in the GTA 6 Subreddit are getting even more impatient for the game.

misterwillgraham said: “Maaaaannn I need the game now.”

Ayodapizzahere23445 said: “Why are we still in the fourth month of 2024.”

TitleTalkTCL said: “Honestly exploring the map in itself is a game for me, the story will just be icing on the cake.”

Hope for ‘more realistic arrests unfolding with NPCs’

Reddit user BrendaTheSloth has sparked a discussion in the GTA 6 Subreddit, saying “I hope we get to see more realistic arrests unfolding with NPCs instead of just a gunfight”.

It’s got people commenting.

GrandYogurtcloset906 said: “I hope we see scripted car crashes. That’s like… One of the main things I’m asking for in this game.”

mezpride said: “That’d be really cool if there were different random encounters you could see when you’re just driving down the highway or something.”

infinitude_ said: “I could see this being a feature.”

GTA 4 DJ dies

DJ Mister Cee, the co-host of “The Beat 102.7” in Grand Theft Auto 4, has died aged 57, his station HOT 97 is reported as saying on April 10.

Mister Cee, whose real name was Calvin LeBrun, had spent 21 years with HOT 97 and had a show called Throwback at Noon.

He had worked with artists like Notorious B.I.G. and Big Daddy Kane, and produced the Biggie Smalls album Ready to Die.

Big hip-hop and rap names such as 50 Cent, MC Lyte and DJ Jazzy Jeff have been paying tribute to him.

‘GTA 6 trailer but it’s GTA: Vice City Stories’

Reddit user BullyGuireStudios has posted a video in the GTA 6 Subreddit of what a trailer for GTA: Vice City Stories could look like in the style of GTA 6.

GTA: Vice City Stories released on PSP in 2006 and PS2 in 2007 and is a prequel to GTA: Vice City which follows the exploits of ex-soldier Victor “Vic” Vance.

Others are amazed at how much graphics have improved since that game was released.

GarryBugTheSequel said: “Sometimes I see how far we’ve come and I’m just stunned, I remember being a kid thinking Vice City was the best looking game of all time and now I just realised that a vehicle in GTA 6 will probably have more polygons than the whole of Vice City.”

Another user said: “In 20 years we have photorealistic graphics. Fact.”

trustmeimadoctor11 said: “Good ol’ PSP.”

Story longevity discussion

A discussion is ongoing on the GTA 6 Subreddit as to the longevity of the story mode.

Subject_Passenger_22 has asked: “Do you think Rockstar will improve story mode’s longevity? If so what needs to improve?”

The user goes on to say ‘in 5, after you hear the story there’s pretty much nothing to do’.

Reddit users have come up with a few different takes.

Outside_Dot_5942 said: “Actually release the single player DLC this time instead of promising to and then scrapping it in favour of the awful online mode.”

Flat-Economist-5916 said: “Mini heists.”

thespeedforce5 said: “The map should evolve with time, with whatever that is added to online once it takes place after story mode.”

CalumInHD said: “RDR2’s (Red Dead Redemption 2) stranger missions were hella enjoyable, I wish they would add more after story content in GTA 6.”

dreamARTz said: “Even though I really want long story and SP DLC, realistically they will go all in on online sadly. I’d be glad if I’m wrong.”

GTA+ subscription price hike

The cost of Rockstar’s premium subscription service has gone up for the first time since it launched more than two years ago.

GTA+ now costs £6.99, $7.99 or €7,99 a month on both the PlayStation and Xbox stores, up from £4.99, $5.99 and €5,99 for new members.

Existing members won’t experience this rise until June.

It comes as the service now has two exclusive locations in GTA Online plus full price games like Red Dead Redemption and the GTA: Trilogy included with Bully and LA Noire being added later this year.

New map with ‘panhandle’ revealed

The GTA 6 mapping project has been updated

Rockstar Games

A new update has been posted by the GTA 6 mapping project community adding details as to what players can expect in the fictional state of Leonida, based on Florida.

It’s a group that’s piecing together what the in-game map is likely to look like from co-ordinates in the trailer, leaks and widespread speculation.

The latest big update is the addition of Florida’s ‘panhandle’.

DuPz0r created the map with others contributing and in an update posted April 12, DuPz0r said: “The main layer, a map born on top of the data that the community has analysed, plus some speculation.”

The update was posted in the GTA 6 Subreddit too.

One user said: “Oh man, those drive across the map missions from GTA Online are going to be brutal.”

Ant0n61 said: “Whoa, panhandle…”

CoasterGaming said: “If they add the panhandle I’m going to Destin.”

Fercho48 said: “Two big cities are going to be amazing for using airplanes.”

pinkfrenchtips said: “I am so happy to see that panhandle lol.”

Double money and 4x RP on some GTA Online missions

Rockstar has posted an update for GTA Onlineon its newswire.

Executive bonuses are in place through April 17.

Double rewards are available on special cargo sales and mixed goods, with a GTA $100,000 bonus for completing any sell mission.

Double money and 4x RP are available on any Martin Madrazo contact missions too.

There’s double money and RP in ‘Collection Time’ with new vehicles available in-game along with more discounts on other items too.

Shot details discussion

A screenshot from the GTA 6 trailer

Rockstar Games

Reddit user DemiPyramid has posted a scene from the GTA 6 trailer in the GTA 6 Subreddit asking what details other users have noticed.

barf_of_dog said: “The big yacht on the right actually moves.”

Automatic_concern951 said: “No. 1 – draw distance. It’s amazing how they can render things so far… Makes it more realistic only.”

OMachineD said: “Toll booths again like GTA 4, and also hope there are no bridges on the path of that boat.”

Ni_Ce_ said: “That it looks good.”

Real-life recreation of trailer

A popular post on the GTA 6 Subreddit is from user DeltaV40 who shared a fan-made real-life recreation of the GTA 6 trailer they found on YouTube.

It’s gone down well with 3.7k upvotes within 13 hours at the time of writing along with hundreds of comments.

DemiPyramid said: “How am I feeling nostalgia from this trailer already? It’s been four months.”

maidenlusts said: “That’s some talented editing skills.”

TenBear said: “Probably the best of all the trailer remakes.”

Sick_Kebab said: “Quality content.”

Jason actor rumours – the latest

A composite image of the GTA 6 logo and Jason in the trailer

Rockstar Games

Gregory Connors is the latest actor speculated to be playing Jason in GTA 6.

A screenshot posted online showed he had included a lead voiceover role at Rockstar for ‘TBD (2025 release)’ on his CV.

It’s understood this has since been removed, leading a number of social media users to speculate that Gregory will play Jason.

Troy Baker recently shut down any speculation that it’s him.

It’s widely rumoured Manni L. Perez will play Lucia and she recently said: “I’ve been transitioning my career into voiceover and motion capture.”

RPG discussion

A discussion is taking place on the GTA 6 Subreddit if people want to see more RPG elements included.

Soupream1 said: “Maybe a leveling system, skill tree of some sort. Or would you rather them keep it classic?”

People have shared different views in the comments.

Trainalf said: “A mix between 5 and San Andreas is fine.”

TheRealTr1nity said: “Not really, as a RPG is a whole other genre. GTA was always about action (over the top), satire and silly fun. For a RPG we have other games. So keeping it classic.”

DEBLANKK said: “San Andreas’ RPG mechanics would make this game even more awesome. GTA V’s was a half-a**ed attempt to replicate it. Felt tacked on and barely made any difference.”

misterwillgraham said: “I’d rather more RPG in GTA Online 2.”

Posit_IV said: “I’d argue GTA Online is more of the RPG arm of GTA. They will likely continue to lean into that.”

Lucia ‘shortest’ main GTA protagonist

Reddit user ETkach has posted in the GTA 6 Subreddit saying Lucia will be the ‘shortest’ main protagonist.

The post claims ‘judging by the leaks, she appeared shorter, her height is roughly 5’3″‘.

Other social media users have been commenting on the post.

LoverLeaver said: “Rockstar probably design a unique fighting style for Lucia, different from Jason. Jason probably would follow similar to RDR2’s (Red Dead Redemption 2) fighting mechanic.”

Obelisk7777 said: “It is unique from a gameplay perspective. Rockstar has always made GTA protagonists level height or taller than NPCs. In that one nightclub leak we can see Lucia is much shorter than some male NPCs. The combat will look different than Jason’s most likely.”

Embarrassed_Camel916 said: “I think that she might be something like 5’4″ cause her actress is around that height too. Pretty interesting how physical fights with taller enemies gonna look like.”

All GTA 6 development leaked videos

All gameplay footage of GTA 6 development from the huge 2022 leak can be seen on Internet Archive.

It includes all videos posted online in September 2022.

Also included is the leaked version of the trailer.

The videos appear to have dates on them too, showing what stage of development Rockstar was at when the videos were made.

A compilation video can also be viewed.

Reddit user counts number of birds in trailer

A Reddit user has posted screenshots from the GTA 6 trailer – showing the number of birds that can be seen.

_dragoninmyanus says 122 birds can be seen across 10 different scenes, including 66 in the shot including flamingoes alone.

It was posted with the caption “I wonder what Rockstar meant by this”.

In among the ridicule, Jason8ourne said: “12/02/2025 then????!!!”

Fans demand second trailer from Rockstar

Rockstar has Tweeted a promo for Red Dead Online – but it’s led to a number of users demanding a second trailer for GTA 6 to be released.

The majority of comments aren’t about Red Dead Online at all – they’re instead calling for more GTA 6 content.

@GameRollGTA replied: “Show us Trailer 2 or else.”

@MrDwein replied: “Where’s the trailer 2?”

@4gntt replied: “GTA 6 Trailer 2.”

@JasonfromGTAVI replied: “I’m not asking for trailer 2. I’m demanding it.”

@KC_4191 replied: “Rockstar I love you but the fans are losing patience.”

GTA 6 DLC discussion

A discussion is ongoing in the GTA 6 Subreddit as to if there will be DLC for GTA 6.

Discussion around this might be seem premature, given the game itself isn’t out until 2025, but while GTA Online has had regular updates since it launched in 2013, no single-player DLC for GTA 5 has been released.

Rockstar has instead encouraged players to play GTA Online if they are to carry on enjoying new content.

There was no DLC for Red Dead Redemption 2 either.

There was for Red Dead Redemption, in the form of Undead Nightmare, and this was an extension to the single-player experience as John Marston tries to find a cure for the highly infectious undead plague that has spread.

The post in the Subreddit has got people talking.

partyonpartypeople said: “The game hasn’t even released yet and bro already wants more content.”

Nicholas7907 said: “If they were actually working on 70s/80s story and changed their plans only few years ago, I would love to see a DLC that will take us back to the age of cocaine cowboys. Obviously it depends on how much of that original Project Americas world was finished.”

Other comments simply include “I’d buy it”.

Location of trailer shot found in real-life

A screenshot from the GTA 6 trailer

Rockstar Games

The real-life location seems to have been found of a scene from the GTA 6 trailer.

The shot in question is the one of a blonde woman in a white bikini at a pool party on the top floor of what appears to be a block of luxury apartments.

Askii_78 posted in the GTA 6 Subreddit an image of a building in Florida that looks just like the one where the blonde woman is.

Reddit users are impressed the location seems to have been found and the level of detail from Rockstar.

One user said: “I don’t even think this is anywhere significant.”

Automatic_Concern951 said: “I am amazed how do people even find these places… I mean… Bro found that one building sitting anywhere in Florida.”

lopsidedawn said: “Damn that building is IDENTICAL to real life one wth.”

Lucia ‘actor’ confirms career transition

The actor widely rumoured to be playing Lucia in GTA 6 has said she is ‘transitioning’ her career in a video posted in the GTA 6 Subreddit.

SalvatorWithoutMundi posted a clip of Manni L. Perez being interviewed.

In the video, she said: “Right now, I’ve been transitioning my career into voiceover and motion capture.”

Manni L. Perez has already done voiceover work for Rockstar in GTA Online.

William Popp to play Jason?

Speculation continues to swirl as to who will play Jason in GTA 6.

A number of names have been linked, with The Last of Us, Uncharted and Batman games actor Troy Baker recently confirming it’s not him.

A clip of William Popp in Law & Order has been posted on the GTA 6 Subreddit by one user asking: “Think this is our guy?”

William Popp has previously done voice acting for GTA 5 and Red Dead Redemption 2.

dekadendt said: “Why is it always Law & Order? is that like the favourite series of the Rockstar developers or what.”

Pedrocaas said: “I need him to say ‘trust’. Then I will tell you if it’s really him.”

WeeklySavings said: “Would need to hear more ngl.”

quackcow144 said: “I found his Twitter and he stopped posting in 2017. That sounds like a good year for Rockstar to find and hire actors to record tons of voices and scenes for the main characters.”

itsthesodaman said: “Need more clips but closest match I’ve seen. All the previous Jason guesses seemed off. Need some voice comparisons from the diner robbery.”

Rockstar employee on Xbox ‘challenge’

A Rockstar employee says in their opinion, “any masterpiece, even a game with poor image quality, is a huge challenge to XSS (Xbox Series S)”.

Hailin Si, who is a senior material artist at Rockstar North, the division that makes the GTA franchise, was asked on a Chinese social media app if GTA 6 will run stably at 30 fps on the console.

In screenshots posted online, Hailin also said: “I personally won’t play with this thing, even if it’s for free.”

The translation was done via Google.

Second trailer details ‘leaked’?

It’s widely speculated the second trailer for GTA 6 could drop either close to a Rockstar earnings call or around the time the ‘big’ summer update for GTA Online is released.

Looking at when some of the previous earnings calls were for Rockstar, Q4 2023 earnings were announced in a conference call on May 17, Q1 2024 earnings call came on August 8 and Q2 2024 call was on November 8.

There was also an annual shareholders meeting on September 21 2023.

If the earnings call theory is to be believed, that means a second GTA 6 trailer or new information about the game could drop as soon as mid-May with further updates coming around August time.

It’s not known when exactly the GTA Online update will be released other than in the summer so both an earnings call and that update could coincide at the same to create an even bigger buzz around Rockstar and GTA 6.

Xbox president teases ‘biggest leap’ for next-gen console

Enhanced Wired Controller for Xbox Series X|SPowerA

The president of Xbox has teased “the biggest technological leap ever seen in a generation” to her team in an email that’s been leaked.

Windows Central received the email sent by Sarah Bond to her team which has since been confirmed as genuine by Microsoft.

As well as work on a next-gen console, the site claims Sarah also revealed a dedicated team has been set up to future-proof digital Xbox game libraries and that Diablo 4’s most prominent platform is Xbox since it was included on Xbox Game Pass.

She sent out an email to ‘rally the troops’ according to the site.

Read the full story here.

Strip club excitement

A popular yet controversial feature of GTA games is the inclusion of strip clubs.

Players can take characters to watch women in lingerie pole dance, get private dances, interact with them while these go on and even take them home.

It looks as though this will be bigger than ever in GTA 6 if the trailer is anything to go by and social media users on the GTA 6 Subreddit have been sharing their excitement and what they’re looking forward to this time around.

finessefuego said: “Can’t wait to hear the soundtracks in the strip clubs.”

mrbigshot110 said: “The bottle girls, the money, it’s insane. The people look like ‘people’ not just NPCs. Can’t wait.”

Patsfan618 said: “I mean, I don’t ever take cinematics as gospel for how the game will actually look, but I don’t doubt it will look pretty incredible.”

TwentySeventh said: “The rainbow lens flares caused by the sparklers is a nice detail.”

SymYJoestar said: “Can’t wait for the new generation of kids getting caught in the strip club by their parents.”

‘Everybody is raving about’ new Rockstar producer

Reddit user prowantedz has posted a screenshot in the GTA 6 Subreddit showing what appears to be former Rockstar developer Obbe Vermeij praising a new producer at Rockstar North, the division that develops the Grand Theft Auto series.

The screenshot shows X / Twitter user @phantomkick asking if GTA 6 will have the same ‘pull’ as GTA 5 and Red Dead Redemption 2 (RDR2) with two senior producers leaving since those games released.

Obbe is screenshotted as saying: “There is a new producer at North that everybody there is raving about (I forgot his name). He is managing 6 together with Aaron Garbut. I’m sure they’ll do a great job.”

It seems this Tweet has since been deleted.

It’s been speculated the producer is Rob Nelson who was one of the developers for RDR2 and has been at Rockstar since the development of GTA 4.

‘Lucia’ voice comparison

A Reddit user has posted a voice comparison of what appears to be the same voice from an NPC in GTA Online and Lucia in GTA 6.

It’s widely speculated that Manni L. Perez is playing the role of Lucia – her CV reportedly says she has done voiceover work for GTA 5 which seems to be what’s being compared in the video.

Ill_Natural_7723 posted the comparison in the GTA 6 Subreddit which has got people talking.

astro5887, who posted a similar comparison, said: “I’m quite confident it’s her. Her role in Law & Order was incredible. It will be intriguing to find out who Jason is down the road.”

Cyklisk said: “Okay I’m convinced. Good comparison.”

Jblaze21212121 said: “When the game is released I hope the actors release a podcast of everything from how Rockstar contacted to them to the final days of production and keeping everything a secret.”

805to808 said: “Very compelling, I’m sold.”

bapudon_1 said: “Damn it’s the same.”

Latest GTA Online DLC trailer is second most viewed

The trailer for the latest GTA Online story update is now the second most viewed.

Cluckin’ Bell Farm Raid update landed in March and with hype surrounding the Grand Theft Auto series since the first trailer for GTA 6 released, this shows gamers are more than ready for any new GTA content.

At the time of writing, the Cluckin’ Bell Farm Raid trailer has 15m views, with only The Chop Shop trailer having more at 26m.

The Chop Shop trailer landed just a week after the GTA 6 one, which broke all sorts of YouTube records when it dropped.

Rockstar recently announced there will be a ‘big’ update coming to GTA Online in the summer.

Bermuda Triangle

Reddit user SpeechOk5810 has posted a picture of the Bermuda Triangle in the GTA 6 Subreddit and has asked if it could be a ‘boundary thing’ or ‘something else’.

The Bermuda Triangle is a section of the Atlantic Ocean that stretches between Florida (Leonida is a fiction version of the state which is where GTA 6 will be set), Bermuda and Puerto Rico and it’s said to be where a number of aircraft and ships have disappeared under mysterious circumstances.

SpeechOk5810 said the location was mentioned in the leaks.

QBekka said: “I’m guessing it’s going to be one of those mysteries just like the UFO in GTA 5. When you fly over the triangle, there’s a tiny chance of something unexplainable happening.”

coughsicle said: “Because the fact that drug smuggling to South America was one of the first things we ever heard about GTA 6, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Bermuda Triangle was represented in some way. Honestly the ocean stuff is the biggest unknown so far – I’m super excited to see what activities we get in the water. Judging by the variety of boats & planes in trailer 1 my hopes are high!!”

Bgy4Lyfe said: “Would be great if the Bermuda Triangle was a thing that led to a few secret islands that you can’t see on the map. Would really play into the mythos of it.”

Lottery and Lake Leonida discussion

MithrandirElessar posted two screenshots from the GTA 6 trailer in the Subreddit and it’s going others talking.

The first is from when an alligator gets into a shop and it focuses on what looks like a lottery stand with tickets; it says ‘a new millionaire every week’ on it.

The second is from when Lucia speaks in prison uniform early on in the trailer and the screenshot is of a picture behind her with what looks like a boat on a lake in front of a mountain.

MithrandirElessar asked if the lottery might be able to be played and if the painting is of Lake Leonida, a location speculated that could feature.

mieWkcet said: “I think the lottery idea would be great, only if they scale the odds to mirror real life. Make it a genuinely rare accomplishment.”

TheGamingMackV replied to that, saying: “Until an exploit is found to duplicate the winning lottery and win over and over at the start of the game.”

FlashyKick8963 said: “Damn imagine if one of us win the lottery on online. One of us will literally be a marked target it’ll be awful.”

anonStock11 said: “Hope they bring back the stock market. And events in game can reflect onto it.”

Discord accidentally breaks GTA 6’s YouTube trailer record

A composite image of the Discord ‘loot boxes’ and a secreenshot from the GTA 6 trailer

Discord & Rockstar Games

Discord’s April Fools Day video has accidentally broken the GTA 6 trailer’s YouTube record for the most number of views in the first 24 hours of a video being posted that’s not music.

Discord is an instant messaging and social platform and posted a video on its YouTube account of ‘loot boxes’ coming to the app with the caption “why would we ever bring loot boxes into a chat app”.

Innocent enough, right?

But the video started recording hundreds of millions of views, completely eclipsing the GTA 6 trailer record – that record was 93 million, and there’s a screenshot that shows the Discord video hit 1.4 billion in 22 hours.

It was eventually taken down – but how did it all happen?

Read the full story here.

YouTuber gets Red Dead Redemption 2 working on phone

A YouTuber has managed to get Rockstar’s Red Dead Redemption 2 working on a mobile phone.

Serg Pavlov appears to be testing the RedMagic 9 Pro, an Android gaming smartphone.

While he’s got the game to run, in the caption it says ‘the game works very poorly, low FPS, texture bugs, stuttering sound’.

Hype for car customisation

A screenshot from the GTA 6 trailer

Rockstar Games

A Reddit user has posted a gif of the car meet scene from the GTA 6 trailer and is hyped for how players will be able to customise cars.

Customising vehicles has been a long standing and popular feature in the Grand Theft Auto series.

DemiPyramid posted in the GTA 6 Subreddit saying ‘this is so authentic it doesn’t even look like it’s from a game. It seems car customisation will be the most extensive it’s ever been too’.

And other Reddit users are hyped for it as well.

JonnyxKarate said: “I’m just hoping for lifted trucks. What a terrible experience in GTA 5 when I can make a custom Donk but I can’t lift any other trucks. All suspension ever did was lower them even the already lifted trucks. Would have been nice to upgrade the handling without losing the aesthetic.”

mattaakison said: “Feels it’s just me or are the car models bigger?”

Others are stunned by the graphics in this scene.

sapsnap said: “The road looks insanely realistic.”

xShawnMendesx said: “The graphics are gonna be a masterpiece.”

SpeechOk5810 said: “The guys talking in a group with the trunk open.”

Rockstar publishes new ‘community guidelines’

In an update on the Rockstar newswire, the developer has published a new set of ‘community guidelines’ for GTA Online.

The developer says: “These guidelines outline what behaviour and actions we do not allow, as more fully detailed in our Terms of Service, and will be updated periodically to reflect any ongoing changes to the player experience.”

Players are urged to report behaviour that falls foul of not being fair, respectful or safe.

Examples of this include cheating, griefing (intentionally annoying another player or interfering with their experience and progress by using the game in unintended ways) and any kind of abuse.

Concept cover art praised online

Reddit user Mean_Rent_2156 shared in the GTA 6 Subreddit a picture of concept art it seems they have hand drawn.

Imagine how previous GTA covers look – each one having a number of different stylised images of main characters or events.

Mean_Rent_2156 has shared how they think the GTA 6 artwork could look with that in mind, including drawings of Jason, Lucia, the Florida Joker and even an alligator in sunglasses – and it’s gone down incredibly well with 1.3k upvotes in 15 hours at the time of writing.

PapaYoppa said: “Gotta respect it for being hand drawn.”

spacecowboy2099 said: “The actual cover art better have an alligator with sunglasses.”

Brahmus168 said: “So help me god if there isn’t a gator on the cover art…”

Four months since trailer

It’s four months to the day since the first trailer for GTA 6 was released.

Rockstar planned to share it on December 5 2023 but released it a day early after it was leaked.

And on a GTA 6 Subreddit post users have been reacting.

deezzzznutzzzs said: “Damn that was quick, we will be in 2025 in no time.”

Subject_Passenger_22 said: “That’s crazy I remember going on Twitter and seeing that almost threw my phone in excitement.”

Its_buddy_btw said: “It’s really true what they say about time speeding up as you get older.”

Trailer detail praised

A Reddit user has praised a small detail from the GTA 6 trailer.

In one of the early shots, a woman in a white dress can be seen putting her hands in the air while riding in a convertible.

User DemiPyramid says the two characters are Jason and Lucia in the GTA 6 Subreddit post.

And the post has sparked a discussion.

ermano_ said: “The nightlife in this game will be amazing.”

idkiiwla said: “I don’t think I’ve ever been mored hyped to play a game in my 25 years of existence.”

zeZakPMT said: “Is it just me or is this the worst looking shot of the trailer.”

InvestigatorDue7765 said: “I haven’t noticed Jason is behind the wheel, cool detail.”

MooseNo1495 said: “Also a cool detail I just noticed is the car in front of them moving aside when they’re like in the middle. Usually in GTA 5 the stupid NPCs drive towards you.”

Rockstar confirms return of fan favourite games

GTA developer Rockstar confirms Bully and LA Noire are back

Yuka Iwamura, Getty Images & Rockstar Games

In an update for GTA+, Rockstar Games’ premium subscription service, the developer announced the return of popular titles Bully and LA Noire.

GTA+ launched around the same time GTA 5 was released on current generation consoles, PS5 and Xbox Series X/S, in 2022.

It’s a service that gives subscribers exclusive content in GTA Online and a selection of Rockstar titles.

And in a recent update, Rockstar announced Bully and LA Noire are being added later in 2024.

Read the full story here.

‘Most immersive evolution’

A Reddit user has started up a discussion focusing on some of the wording Rockstar has used to promote GTA 6.

On a pinned Rockstar Instagram post shared by Oath_Br3aker in the GTA 6 Subreddit, the caption for the trailer posted on the social media site says ‘the biggest, most immersive evolution of the Grand Theft Auto series yet’.

And it’s led to a discussion as to why that’s been included as Oath_Br3aker says Rockstar doesn’t ‘usually market GTA as immersive’.

Darthlord_Juju said: “Basically just saying there will be more things to do and more ways to stay engaged.”

OptimusGrimes said: “It will be the biggest jump in quality for a GTA ever, with every other game coming out the same, or next generation from the previous, this is the first time they’ve skipped two, so saying it will be the biggest evolution isn’t too much of a reach.”

Nice_Reveue_7375 said: “S**t it better be after 12 years.”

‘Map outline’ on bumper sticker

A Reddit user thinks they’ve found an outline of the GTA 6 map on a bumper sticker on the back of Jason’s car from the trailer.

It looks a lot like the map created by the Mapping Project, a community which is piecing together the map from co-ordinates in the trailer and leaks, and the outline of the Florida state which the fictional Leonida is based on.

And others in the GTA 6 Subreddit agree with Olivr_Ont.

1234normalitynomore said: “Good find, this is the first thing to actually make me think we’re getting the panhandle.”

BeCrafttt said: “That looks extremely identical to the map made by the GTA 6 mapping project.”

Buckman21 said: “Holy s**t he might be onto something.”

StingingGamer said: “Good find! If that is the map shape it looks great.”

What GTA Online update could mean for GTA 6

Rockstar has teased a ‘big’ summer update for GTA Online and it hasn’t taken long for the speculation to start.

Some have said it will be the final big update before all efforts are put into GTA 6 and others have theorised what could be in it.

X / Twitter user @GTAVI_Countdown said Michael, one of the main protagonists in GTA 5, is rumoured to be included in the update – he’s not yet featured in GTA Online and gamers on Reddit have been calling for this for a while.

Other theories from the account include a second trailer for GTA 6 being likely to drop around the time of the update to drive traffic.

The account says Rockstar did this with the Chop Shop GTA Online update which was revealed a week after the GTA 6 trailer – it’s the most viewed GTA Online trailer.

Rockstar teases ‘big’ summer update for GTA

Rockstar teases ‘big’ summer update for GTA

Yuki Iwamura, Getty Images

Rockstar has teased a ‘big’ summer update for its Grand Theft Auto series in an unexpected announcement.

With leaks, rumours and speculation swirling about all things GTA 6, like when exactly it will be released, delays in development and gameplay ‘leaks’ appearing online, Rockstar could put all of its eggs in that basket to get it done and released as soon as possible.

Read the full story here.

PC gamers’ frustration at release details

PC gamers have shared frustrations at GTA 6 release details.

The highly-anticipated game is set to be out in 2025 on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S – but there are no details at this stage when it will release on PC.

It’s led to Reddit user Guimorneg posting a picture of Squidward looking at SpongeBob and Patrick playing outside – and they’ve been edited to be carrying the GTA 6 logo and PS5 controllers.

Guimorneg posted in the GTA 6 Subreddit along with the caption ‘please tell me is not only me’ (sic).

And the post has got a lot of reaction and comments.

fejota said: “I don’t have any console so yeah, that would be me too.”

deezzzznutzzzs said: “You have more than a year to save enough money for PS5 + GTA 6.”

Wokekyller said: “Me too, I wait until PC premiere. Good thing GTA Wiki and Youtube will save me during the waiting.”

Mixed views on celebrities in GTA 6

A GTA 6 Subreddit discussion has led to mixed views on which celebrities could feature in the game and if any should feature at all.

A number of high-profile names have already been linked with the game, including musicians T-Pain, Anita Ward and Schoolboy Q – even more could feature with Rockstar owning a record label.

GTA Online has had a range of celebrities featuring post-launch, such as musician Dr Dre releasing an EP exclusively in the game.

GTA 4 also had appearances from comedians such as Ricky Gervais.

But views are mixed on if celebrities featuring are welcome in the Grand Theft Auto series.

FuzzyHotel6180 said: “I’d say so. I’m excited to see who they got for the different radio stations. GTA 5 had a lot.”

MixedRealityAddict said: “I hope not, I like fictitious characters.”

FoundationGreen6342 said: “Ricky Gervais needs to come back.”

Delay rumours ‘met with shrugs’ from Rockstar employees

It’s reported when Rockstar employees were asked what they made of the current rumour mill of delayed development, the response ‘was mostly met with shrugs’.

That’s according to a report from Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier.

It also said: “Last summer, I asked someone at Rockstar how things were going, and they responded with one word: ‘chaos’.”

It comes as a full-time return to the office for the majority of Rockstar employees comes into effect in less than two weeks’ time which has been met with a backlash from some.

The report also says development delays are to be expected with it being a ‘messy, nonlinear process’.

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