Megaraptor Dinosaur Discovery Reveals New Huge Monster

Megaraptor Dinosaur Discovery Reveals New Huge Monster



Generally speaking, a raptor is a bird-like dinosaur, distinguished by its upturned snout and broad nose. These beasts were quick hunters, able to tear apart their prey with the large claw that grew on singular toes upon each foot. The species was first discovered in the 1920s by Peter Kaisen while on an expedition in the Gobi desert.

The Cold War meant the end of U. S. researchers in that part of Asia, but scientists from other countries were able to work together to unearth several more skulls and other, more complete specimens. These “fighting dinosaurs,” as they came to be called, were a species closely related to birds and are believed to be a form of large, flightless bird. But until the discovery of the megaraptor’s prints, the general public’s perception of the velociraptors had been greatly skewed by Hollywood.


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