Missing dog from California turns up safe far away

Missing dog from California turns up safe far away


Corinne Martin/AP

Mehrad Houman of San Diego holds Mishka after the dog was examined Friday by veterinarian Nancy Pillsbury in Harper Woods, Mich.


A lost dog was homeward bound this week after an incredible journey took her inexplicably from her San Diego home to the suburbs of Detroit.

The tale began last July, when Mishka went missing from her owner’s workplace in California, according to an animal adoption group.

Then, on March 28, a resident of Harper Woods, Michigan, living more than 2,300 miles away, called police about a stray dog in the neighborhood. Police took the dog to the Grosse Pointe Animal Adoption Society, which found a microchip identifying Mishka’s family.

The family happened to be visiting Minneapolis for Easter, so dog dad Mehrad Houman drove 10 hours to retrieve the pet from the Detroit suburb where she had been found, the group said. A vet checked out Mishka and gave a thumbs-up for travel.

The adoption group posted a video on Facebook on Thursday showing the dog’s tail-wagging reunion with family.

“This is a tale that Hollywood would love to tell,” the animal adoption society said.


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