Porch pirate caught on video wears trash bag to steal package

Porch pirate caught on video wears trash bag to steal package


When a package was stolen from Omar Gabriel Munoz’s doorstep last week, he discovered it had been taken by a thief in an unusually trashy disguise.

His door camera captured the moment of theft — when someone covered in a black plastic trash bag lumbered up Munoz’s front walk in Sacramento. The video shows a bag, with feet sticking out from underneath, move up to the porch and swallow a package.

“At first, I thought they were messing with me,” Munoz told ABC10.

He told the news outlet his initial reaction was anger, but then he saw humor in the thief’s creativity. He told Fox News that he didn’t report the incident to police, saying the two phone chargers in the package only cost about $10.

Munoz, who provided the door-camera footage to Storyful, said he’d gotten a notification of the package’s arrival while at work but couldn’t find it when he got home.

The parcel was small. He wondered if the wind had blown it away. Then he checked his security camera and found the unexpected footage.

“At the end of the day, it was kind of funny,” he told ABC10. “I take everything in the good way because that’s part of life. If you see the bad way of everything, you’re going nowhere.”


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