This is the new Sonos app, coming May 7th

This is the new Sonos app, coming May 7th


Sonos will release a substantial update to its mobile app for both Android and iOS on May 7th, The Verge has learned. Based on screenshots provided by people familiar with the company’s plans, the app is receiving a fresh coat of paint. Sonos is also working to make product setup easier and strengthen connectivity between its many speakers. As always, the specific release date is subject to change if the company encounters any last-minute issues.

The revamped app will roll out as an update to the Sonos S2 app that the company released in 2020 when it forked off some of its oldest products and left them on the legacy S1 platform.

It changes up the current S2 app design by ditching the bottom navigation tabs and putting everything onto one central homescreen. Sonos is also adding several quality-of-life features like a persistent search bar at the bottom of the app that lets users quickly find music. Shuffle and repeat buttons will now be directly accessible from the Now Playing screen. And you’ll be able to adjust a volume slider from the mini-player no matter where you are in the app.

No more tabs at the bottom of the app.

The homescreen is also getting more customizable, with scrollable carousels of playlists and music services. Users will be able to reorder things as they see fit and place their favorite playlists directly on the homescreen. Speaker and soundbar settings will be accessible through a “Your System” section. The app’s icon will switch from a tan background to black with the company’s logo in white text.

Sonos’ app has been the subject of frequent criticism from some customers, though it currently has a rather strong average review rating of 4.4 stars on the App Store and a decent 3.9 stars on Google Play.

The homescreen’s various sections can be reordered.

Bloomberg previously reported on the revamped app, which is codenamed Passport. The new software will serve as a precursor to Sonos’ first-ever wireless headphones, which are expected to retail for $449 and will compete against premium models from Apple, Sony, Sennheiser, and other brands.

The main selling point of the Sonos headphones will be their deep integration with the company’s ecosystem of speakers. Owners of Sonos soundbars will be able to wirelessly listen to TV audio through the headphones, for example. CEO Patrick Spence expects the headphones to be Sonos’ next big hit.

Last year brought a slew of new hardware products from the company, including the Era 300, Era 100, and Move 2 Bluetooth speaker. But 2024 has been relatively quiet for Sonos so far. That’s set to change within the next few months when the headphones finally debut after years of rumors.


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