Xbox Fans Petitioning for Helldivers 2 to Launch on Xbox

Xbox Fans Petitioning for Helldivers 2 to Launch on Xbox


The petition was set up in the wake of Spencer’s comments in an interview following the announcement that four Xbox games will be making their way to other platforms — those titles are expected to be Hi-Fi Rush, Grounded, Pentiment, and Sea of Thieves. Speaking to Game File, he said: “I will say, when I look at a game like Helldivers 2 – and it’s a great game, kudos to the team shipping on PC and PlayStation – I’m not exactly sure who it helps in the industry by not being on Xbox.” Presumably speaking to its multiplayer and live-service hooks, Helldivers 2 is a game that’ll live or die based on how many people are playing it, with the thinking being that it’ll have an even bigger player pool with an Xbox version. It’s clear that PS5 and PC players have already made it a hit, though.

Of course, a petition won’t get Sony to budge on its target platforms. Would you still like to see Helldivers 2 make the leap to Xbox platforms, though? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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